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Antharas Casual Update

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As many waited for the glorious Antharas Patch with his (very op) catacombs that change this game completly. (way easier late game now)


Antharas Patch also had many very bad aspects ,it became more casual :

- removed toi/loa event

- Baium/Anthy are now instances , not worldbosses anymore  

- U need 10 hours to clear 1 pk ( karma politics )

(more to update)


How u handle those ascpects @Supreme  ??

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  • PvP event in Antharas’ Lair and Tower of Insolence is over: Chaos Decoy Blood Knight do not appear in these zones. The developers are planning to enhance this content in the further updates.
  • Baium and Antharas are still World Bosses. You just have new ways to get inside rather then the default old school ways if you're not able to go inside with your clan or alone:
    • Much more nerfed then regular main Boss entrance
      • Balthus Knights Instance Zones
  • PK removal will be way more quicker then regular official Server as our rates will be x3, you should be able to take it in 10 / 3 = 3 ~ 4 Hours

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