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Can't we improve PvP balance of this game?

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Hello guys,

I've tackled this issues already couple of times, here and there, but usually it wasn't strictkly connected to the thread subject or was hidden behind a wall of text (I'm really good at those) so I decided today is a time to spend a moment on discussing the "balance & custom" part of the server (but the main reason is that Today I simply have a lazy day at work :f).


I always loved L2 game concept and plenty of mechanics while at the same time almost equally hard hated the in-game balancing of classes done by Koreans. Let's be honest, L2 has literally no balance. In every class archetype (archer/dagger/buffer/nuker/tank/bard) there are classes stricktly better, stricktly worse and sometimes even stricktly useless.

  • Lets look at the classic tanks: DA is IMBA to the extreemes in both farming and PvP - on the other hand TK is a complete crap weak and boring to play
  • Lets look at the classic nukers: Necro is IMBA (and always was) to the extreemes in both farming and PvP - on the other hand sorc always at a dissadvantage outside of fighting bugs and plants ...
  • Lets look at the classic archers: PR is OP as fock (especially because of the fatal counter) - on the other hand SR was always the most handicapped of all the archers


Below are couple of reason to why I believe that customizing the class balance is justifieable:

  1. L2 has a lot of very easy to notice issues in the balancing department while at the same time it's very easy to analyze and identify the main reason of why particular class is simply too good or too bad.
  2. It seems that that it's very easy to tackle the issues because since 80% of class skills are usually shared between all of the archetype's it's obvious that it's usually just the couple additional skills that are creating the problem.
  3. Last but not least most of obviously wrongly balanced classes are known to all of us so you don't have to be a vet to realize whose power level is simply wrong and why it's like that


So my/thread question is do you guys really believe that taking things into our(DEVs) own hands and balancing just couple of classes just to enchance the gaming experience is wrong and unhealthy for the game/server?

I feel like everyone around (other servers) is afraid of doing so, just because of the fact that those who are against it, are usually the same people who scream the most/the loudest. I doubt that making changes like i.e. limitting transfer pain max level so that necro compared to a regular summoner would share only 30% of his dmg would enable anyones ragemode OR that if you forced DA to first land a hit with a panther in order to enable usage a horror on the target would trigger someone into saying that DEV's destroyed the PvP/class.

I feel that small changes made here and there, 1 at a time might not trigger the ragekids while actually:

  • making the PvP more interesting 
  • diversyfing class population (instead of 70% of nukers being a necro and 5% of daggers being plains walkers we could have a more equall distribution)
  • limit the frustration occuring when you are killed by classes which due to balancing blindness are unkillable to others
  • make a trademark for WARPGATE - a reason for people to not look at it as a iffy l2 club clone or just another 2.0 classic server

At the end I'll just share 1 observation that I have after talking with multiply people that played C4-C6 or newer/later chronicles: According to most people PvP on the non-clasic chronicles was more interesting than it is now. It seems that most people who are against what Koreans did with L2 after c4-c6 as main reason of their frustration point out the changes in the farming/char developing department. Unneccessary s80/s84/dynasty/crapstuff90 equip, stupid quests artificially shrinking the char developing part of the game and making people jump straight into the late game content, dumb future classes is what pissed most of mentioned people. I've never heared anyone saying: uh oh they ruined the game because this class had too many activables skills to use or that class had too "hard" PvP.

Anyways this is a DISCUSSION thread. I do realize that 99,9% of people won't agree with me and that's completely fine, but if you do so then please try at least share some constructive arguments to why you are against instead of giving bland statements - no! Maybe you will convince me and save the world from the wall of text invasion!

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I feel that I already replied to this topic but anyway.... I think that balance is extremely dependent on server admin... I have played on many servers and NEVER had 2 servers with same meta classes... Although I have to agree that DA is the best tank, it depends a lot on admin... I have played on servers where TK were really good, better than DA for tanking bosses... I think small subtle changes in skill power are welcome, but not too much...  When debuffs were landing all the time, you could see a lot of Oracles/prophets/bishops/BladeDancers/Swordsingers/Sumoners killing people... Root them in place and kill... Sleep/Fear, overlord was king, almost unbeatable, but after resists came up, no debuff was landing so people dont even care to try it... Classes become unbalanced because debuffs were not landing...  Poison/Bleed became useless... Chars had 10k health and bleed was doing 200dmg per tick... So if only boss jewels were very limited, no donation, no other way to get it, debuffs are landing and poison/bleed power is adjusted we will have already a very balanced server... Its very rewarding when you can use all your char skills.... Imagine a Necro that cant paralize, a DA that cant Stun, a SPS that cant sleep etc... All comes down to pure, clear damage and that is the main cause to a broken balance...  

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