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Classic Zaken 2.1 - Ready Developments [02-09-2017]

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Saviors Zaken 2.1 Fixes:

  • Updated Main Website page, Downloads page and Statistics pages
  • Fixed uPlay issue with News Feed
  • Released updated Client files with uPlay - Classic
  • Fixed issue with wrong password system message causing client's crash
  • Added Pre Alpha Shop
  • Pathfinding has been reworked flawless
  • Npcs are now able to cast their Skills - Classic
  • Fixed Buffs not showing correctly for Party Member's - Classic
  • Fixed Item's parser not generating consume information - Classic
  • Added missing Dwarven Craft skill from Dwarven Fighter - Classic
  • Fixed Clan Reward issue (Classic):
    • If Player's hunting counter is at his maximum it becomes negative thus players not being able to take rewards.
  • Small rework on One Day Rewards core: (Classic):
    • Removed some useless methods.
    • Added packet update for unclaimed one day rewards everytime a reward becomes available.
    • Fixed some incorrect display for one day rewards.
  • Reworked Player Cache
  • Fixed some forever-running regeneration task
  • Some additional corrections with HP/MP regeneration.
    • Sharing Equipment effect implemented.
    • Fixed Add Temp Skill By Skill Effect to work when checked Skill get removed or re-added.
    • Fixed Max Mp Formula to properly take items' mp bonus.
    • Fixed NONE Armor Type handling in Effects.
    • Fixed several NPE (Null Pointer Exceptions).
    • Reworked the way a chat message is sent by using Target's name instead Target's Object.
    • Fixed a problem with timers causing them to not get properly removed.
    • Added all Classic Zaken 2.1 Recipes - Classic
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