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Experimentarium discussion thread

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Got something on your mind concerning latest requests? Let us know!

Adding: A lot of experiments were requested and solved in the EU official server "Skelth". We are going to, basically, add the questions and post results, either on this section or another! So a lot of debated/stuff stuff will already be answered! (thanks retail for easing our job) ^.^

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Not sure if I understand Experimentarium idea correct but lets give it a shot ;]


Experiment: Create a Tyrant and use one of his damaging abilities on a target who is:

same level / 10 levels below / 10 levels above

While using abilities equip Tyrant with with no grade / c grade / a grade fists (or if its possible custom made fists with 50 - 150 - 300 dmg)

And apply -5 str / +0 str / +5 str / +10 str dyes

Question: What's the influence of weapon p.atk / strenght attribute / level difference on the dmg of active physical abilities 

Reason: I feel like this part of lineage 2 game mechanics was always unintuitive and l2 classic didn't change that feel. Yesterday friend told me that character level difference (not talking about ability level since that part is self explanatory) has a direct influence on the dmg output of physical skills what was completely new to me. Additionally I always knew that strenght and weapon p.atk had a rather low influence on physical skills but was always to lazy to check what are the actual percentages :P


If above isn't what you expected from this section, feel free to delete my post :)

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FinalFen we have a lot of info already on questions as such. A topic will be made (in this section probably) containing A LOT of that info.

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