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Our Experimentarium team is happy to announce that we are starting to accept requests from our Classic server community. A few words for those who are new to our concept.

If you've always wondered about how numbers work in certain game mechanics or what effect a certain action produces, feel free to request an experiment in this thread. Please follow this form of request submission:

Experiment: What do you want to test?
Question: What would you like to know?
Reason: Why do you want to test this (specify the rumors, ideas and theories regarding the subject and your own assumptions if you have any)

A small clarification. We do accept most interesting experiments according to our available resources which means we won't be able to accept every single experiment request. To make your experiment interesting for the others and accomplishable for our team at the same time make sure it suits the following standards:

  • Experiment goals and steps are explained clearly in details
  • Experiment concerns a narrow part of game mechanics

Bad example: Please check all the drop/spoil rates of monsters in Dragon Valley. What is the most effective farming strategy there?
Good example: Please test the influence of STR and DEX on certain Tyrant skills crit rate. Which of these parameters has a greater influence if they have any?

If you are still not sure whether your requests will be suitable, check our L2 main version Experimentarium section for examples.

This thread is only for request submission, not for discussion. You can discuss experiment requests here.

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