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Best Classic 2.0 / 2.1 Classes?

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so i created this topic for answering which classes you think are the best for this new versions?

in my opinion from official: archers and nukers pvp

pve shamans, tanks?

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For pvp what i can say about fighting for farming spots (mostly unorganised, boxed pvp, on the spot decisions, u cant prepare for it etc...):

archer nukers, y, but i have to mention that warlords are OP as fuck. they can stun from distance, they can stun AOE also.

And btw: i know some1 has to make the dmg, but the MOST OP CLASS FOR PVP IS : active support.

Warcryer/overlord -> sleep. Prophet: root. Damn 1 fight we lost, and it was so embarassing: an enemy prophet used word of fear on us (then melee party setup).

Curses are strong, never underestimate a support like this.


PVE class:

 - levelling: the usual mages, but also Dark avenger, and warsmith are very fast (reliable levellers) becoz of their summons, especially now with Beast Shots. These summons usually have higher PATK then their owners with their respective top grade weapon (meaning the mechanic golem had more patk than i had at lvl36 with (shop) top d blunt). If i could only start 1 box, that would be warsmith for sure. Give it 1 warcryer and it owns monsters even highlvls, where others would struggle to solo.

Best of mages is probably necro and SH becoz of CDL. Then absolute best is necro becoz his summons also have nice PATK.

Playing with summons is sooooo comfortable in classic. In 2.0 then other summoners are good once again. Beforehands in interlude i was a warlock for 2-3 servers in a row, and i have to say that the summoner needs to spend the least amount of money. Even less in this chronicle becoz u dont need to resummon the cat every 30mins, nor u need to pay upkeep. Just summon it, and even if u login, it will stand right next to u. I still dont wanna be summoner in classic, becoz of that skill that gives u PATK and removes max HP by %. Ive got no clue whos idea was that...

 - money making: ofc the bounty hunter is the number1. 1 SE and 1 BH can make so much money at early game... and after that: materials, that all ppl will need thousands of. Several hundred steel that is needed for so many crafts, for u its  1-2 hours max, even at higher lvls, especially after 60 mobs have great spoils (just check the orcs spoils at blazing swamp or mobs at seal of shilen what they give)

2nd best money maker might be warsmith

(Overall best money maker is 1 CP of 10+ active players, class irrelevant)


1 mistake all should avoid: dont just start a support on its own. Like starting a prophet... its not a good idea. You really should make 1 character that helps u level it. Really anything.

Like if i wanted to be SE main, id make a mage or something like that. If prophet than maybe make archer, or thats not the best coz archer costs a lot of money. But something.

Just please...dont start a solo support unless u are in CP. Becoz u will burn out coz u cant find party or whatever and u will stop playing. Classic is good, but dont make ur own life harder than it is.

And dont expect to be lvl75 in 2 weeks. Ive seen so many ppl quit because its hard to level.

Just lower ur expectations.

 - make lvl20 on server start: 2-6 hours, depending on class, number of boxes etc...

 - make lvl40: solo mages can do it in 3-4 days, the rest slower, lets say if u dont nolife, 1week from server start lvl40 can be a goal. Reasonable goal, nothing is wrong with that, u are not too slow its just classic.

 - make lvl52: could take 2-3 weeks easily to make lvl 40-52. Slows down a bit, especially if u cant afford the right weapon/armor.

From this point i calculated like 2-3lvls/week from 52 - 62, then 2 lvls/week maybe but its untested from 62 -

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On 20.4.2017 at 11:13 PM, BrainDamage said:

What are your opinions about PS (d.elf summoner) in this chronicle?

mostly still a support role with debuffs (poison)

there will be just few ppl who will have fun to play it

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On 20.4.2017 at 11:13 PM, BrainDamage said:

What are your opinions about PS (d.elf summoner) in this chronicle?

if cubics are not nerfed , SK and PS will own at oly


on topic


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