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newbie area issues

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Hi, thanks for the server I'm enjoying it so far but found a few things that seem off. I'm not sure if they are supposed to be part of classic 2 since I've never played an official classic server but here's what I found.

Talking island -

1. spiders and golems at the north end of the island are associated, attacking a spider will cause the golems to attack, this has never been the case in any version I've ever played previously.

Elven Ruins -

1. mobs in elven ruins are all associated, if you hit one all nearby will attack. For example hitting a bat or skeleton in the circular room at end of hall makes the stone golems attack. this happens with all mobs in that dungeon that I've killed so far.

2. In both regular and classic versions I've played the orc archers in the dungeon are normally passive, they don't seem to be on this server.

3. In the first room on the left after entering the elven ruins, the orc archer that spawns in the back seems to always get stuck on the pillar in the middle of the room and can't attack the player.


Windmill hill -

1. I think the spawn speed is a bit too fast especially in this location. I was able to sit in the middle of 3 mobs and their spawn was so fast that I always had at least 1 on screen. this isn't normal compared to other servers ive tried. not sure if its a bug or intentional just thought id share.



General observations regardless of location - 

          1. Quest items show up in main inventory, not sure why that is but I don't think that's normal.

2. In official versions and most private server's, I've always seen at least a 1-2 second delay after spawning before mobs agro. in every fight against aggressive mobs in my 20 levels so far there is no agro delay and they are usually nearly on top of you when they show on your screen.


Here's a suggestion \ thought I've had on every single private server and even official L2 after they increased low-level XP. I've always thought that the under LVL 20 quest's should have their total item turn in reduced by 50% to 75% so that they are still viable quests. no one is going to kill LVL 4 and 5 wolves to get the 50 pelts needed when they are gray before you have half of them collected. You out level newbie quests far before you acquire all the parts. it makes far more sense that for the junk gear you get as a reward it should only take like 10 pelts. that would make all the newbie quests far more useful and people might actually do them again. 


I remember when L2 first came out, doing the LVL 3 wolf pelt quests on TI a dozen times until my GF and I had all our gear slots filled with the weapon sellers junk loot before moving on to a new quest and by the time we moved on we were only LVL 10 or so. to me that seems to be the intent of the quest back then leveling was soo slow you had time to quest. Now there's no point until your level 40+ if you complete a quest you wasted your time due to out leveling the area half way thru.


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Thanks for your review!

About Items (Quest Items showing in main inventory) check our Task's List for Items Stats and Prices (waits rework) and also check you will find some of the issues which are waiting reworks aswell from our task's list:


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Aggro mobs agro too fast (they are running from far away while fading in) 

Also spirit shots have no effect on mob hp, for example : 2 wind strikes + 1 normal hit to kill 1 orc warrior (in both cases) 

Edit: so far seems to happen only with novice sps

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Only after Skill's Parser becoming complete i will release the update on Pre Alpha.

This update will fix most of the problems.

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O comentado eu achei importante sim sobre os mobs.. mas o respaw deveria ser do modo que esta pois cria mais oportunidades para um up mais rapido e mais cauteloso ( lembrando o servidor na tem que ser uma copia dos outros ) :D na minha opinião!

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