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Classic L2 Warpgate v1.5 - Development [07-12-2016]

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Classic Erica:

  • Fixed issue with Protection system causing Players not being able to login in again
  • Fixed Acquire Fishing Skills packet - You can now buy Fishing Skills (Rewards)
  • Fixed Acquire Clan Skills packet - You can now buy Clan Skills
  • Fixed issue with Mob's HP Bars not updating on first hit
  • Fixed Force Blaster skill not giving out shock effect
  • Fixed Fake Death skill (Consumes 10 MP per second)
  • Dex does not decrease Speed
  • Fixed several Box Limit Protection issues
  • Fixed Bow damage giving more damage according to attack distance
  • Fixed issue with Offline Private Shops not leaving the game after finishing selling
  • Sealed Runes can not be sold in Shop for any price
  • Fixed issue with a very low dekarma process
  • Fixed Beauty Shop old packet causing conflict with our Classic Chronicle version (Critical Error)
  • Removed Slow Effect Zone from Orfen Boss Zone
  • Fixed issue with Drops not being seen after mob death
  • Disabled Auto Loot:
    • As preparation for Donation Auto Loot
  • Fixed issue with PK Scrolls can not be used with negative reputation
  • PK Scrolls price have been tripled
  • Minimum PK for droping updated to 4 inclusive:
  • Stun Shot updated to Classic, changed from 50% to 90%:
  • Fixed Romantic Chapeau - Wind Walk not stacking wind Song of Wind Walk
  • Drop / Spoil Rates have been lowered to x3:
    • For accommodating all related Boosts as our current rates (x5) are droping way too much.
    • Since drops are with retail chances without groups, it's exactly equal to Official wiki therefore everything is setup in the right way.
    • Therefore for our Economy to not suffer from these drop rates consequences we had to lower a bit the base rate.
    • You will still be able to reach x6 with all available Boosts
  • Vote Reward System is now fully working and all vote data has been reseted
  • Donation System is now working but still unfinished
  • All Offline Shops have been removed from the game:
    • Buy Offline Ticket from our Vote or Donation Shop to enable this function!

New Territory Hunting Zones have been Unlocked

Enchanted Valley. Zone for lvl 50-60 solo and small group hunting. Teleport from Hunters Gatekeeper (Teleport not available yet)


Lair of Antharas. Zone for lvl 61-75 small group and full party hunting. (Dragon Valley's path)



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