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Delay while shooting with bow

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When you shoot the bow, there is a delay at some point. For example if you shoot with bow and instantly start moving, you can move just fine. But if you start moving after some time, you actually can't move while there is bow cooldown. In other words, there is some kind of break point in bow cooldown, which triggers movement restriction (see screenshot). This is ok in PVE, but it's like "mini stun" while you are in PVP and you can't kite melee enemies that easily... :(



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Yes im aware, when i fixed the issue i didnt checked the end hittime my mistake due to lack of sleep and very tired.

I will fix it asap when i awake up and release to the Server

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Honestly these were one shot attempts :D I have a good PC so no delay or whatsoever :)

Anyway Admin, you are doing great! If you are the only  person who is developing the backend of the server, then my greatest respect goes to you! So much dedication to the your work.. just wow! :) P.S. get some rest, bugs can wait B|

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