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Classic Erica x5 opening November 6th description

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Supreme    344



Dear friends!

Finally, we are pleased to announce the opening of the first European free to play Lineage 2 Classic 2.0 Server.

We are ready to open doors to those who want to feel the real Classic style. The world, where you have to battle with your friends. Where Lineage newcomers will always begging for your help. The world, where you will have a chance to show your courage and perseverance!  Can you survive all that awaits you on this Epic Adventure? Are you trully a SAVIOR?
Show Us! We believe in you!

We are waiting for you in our World
November 6th 2016  -  19:00 CET!

Our Rates:
XP: x5
SP: x5
DROP: x5
Raid Bosses: x1


Based on official Classic 2.0 plataform with all known problems fixed up to date.

We will keep updating our Server up to the current Official Server and we already begun to develop a Classic 2.2 with it's features. We are looking far into the future of this project and within the development of Classic we will provide you with only the real Features and nothing else.


Classic 2.0 exclusive features at L2 Warpgate



How much is Warpgate v1.0 different from Official?

All Classic v1.0 Zones available
All Classic v1.0 Skills available
All Classic v1.0 Quests available
Attendance System v1.5
Fishing System v1.5
All Classic v2.0 Spawns and Drops at all available Classic v1.0 Zones
All Classic v2.0 Mobs Stats (HP, MP and others)
Classic v2.0 Spawns, Drops and Stats are present for a better balance and to keep us up to date with latest Official updates
Paid teleports since level 1 due to x5 adena rates (can be free based on one achievement in a near future)
Two boxes allowed (Main + 1)
No Premium Account!
Our Warpgate NPC will give you (everyone) to our Community many Achievements for you to unlock all Classic v1.5, 2.0 and further Features!

PK Scrolls are now more expensive (Can ONLY be used in Town):
No-grade: 2.500
D-grade: 15.000
C-grade: 35.000
B-grade: 70.000
A-grade: 230.000

Blood Marks retail drop chances are now x2:
Krator: 4.1% -> 8.2%
Torfe: 9.5% -> 19%
Blood Queen: 25.8% -> 51.6%


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Lero    23

I had hope you would consider at least to postpone the launch by a week captain, despite the poll results. Anyway, see you at the opening!

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V1rus    11

Can t wait bro ... we are so thirsty ... xDDDD:ph34r:

We made our groceries:  Coca Cola / cigarettes / Red bull/ chocolate/ and all the stuff we need.. in order to have a good start like ON OLD TIMES>>> xD:ph34r::ph34r:



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Supreme    344

We have it indeed that's why i was able to make all the 2.0 content for our Trailer + Baium's Lobby.

Its a PTS therefore lots of issues will be found and fixed eventually...

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krysna    2

Quoted from discord, by Supreme:

I understand your side as a player and you have to understand our aswell

i already spoken

and we will reopen the server by tomorrow or Monday
but im more focused on sunday ofc

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Supreme    344

Hello Surf,

It hasn't been decided yet.

Maybe 1+1 + Premium / 1 + Premium.

We will soon have a poll about this and see how the community reflects about it

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