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Found 1 result

  1. fodemhouse


    Hello guys, just my 2 cents here... We have 3 oficial servers with low rate: Innova EU / Korea / Russian We have 1 private server named classicclub x3 wich has been for a while since start of classic AND is a failure... I played there, online people are becoming less and less... My question is: WHY THE HELL do you guys think 5x will have players ??? I played on every classic server out there, the reason why people leave is because we need to be 24/7 farming non stop ( YES WITH BOT ) to be competitive... So really, do you still think a private server will have more people than official one ? With same rates ??? Official rates are not 1x, they make a lot of events with double xp etc... So yeah, 5x is another failure... I know you are gonna be mad, but thats reality, and I hope you can understand that 5x has no difference from 3x or 1x... I give u the formula to be sucessfull here, right now, easy... Make it 20x, or make it with non linear rates or something... ex> 1-10 = 10x 10-30 = 20x 30-50 = 30x 50-80 = 40x Really think about it, because your server will be empty in 3 - 4 months for sure... 100% if u stay with 5x rates... I've been on every classic server, I know what I am talking about...