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Found 3 results

  1. The Black Bird of Death

    What is Supreme's gender?

    What is Supreme's gender? As a loyal and old Warpgate Player I've been wondering a while.
  2. The Black Bird of Death

    International Supreme Appreciation Day

    So I saw this forum has some rude guys not really appreciating Supreme's work, meanwhile he is working hard, very hard to make us the perfect classic gameplay. To give him more motivation I decided to nominate 09/12 as the International Supreme Appreciation Day. So if you like Classic, appreciate Supreme today. Thanks!
  3. TehPlayz

    Wipe or Not?

    So, there has been a lot of mumbling about a wipe in 2-3 months. People have reported that you are planning to do that, so for some people that have made some effort here, there is no reason continuing playing cause free time might not always be there. You have been chatting with a specific CP in discord and you seem to hear only their opinion because you think that they only report bugs. You also keep blaming Classic.Club but they fixed bugs without wiping the server and if you want to compete you must be better not worse than other. So I and a lot of other people that have started later would like a straightforward answer. Are you gonna wipe the server or not ? If yes, when will that be? If you want donations as you suggested in a previous post, offer the equivalent work and not diminish people efforts and time spent on this server as we continue to play and report you bugs and support you. In any case, I would suggest a poll, so that the community decides, and not a specific amount of people.