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Found 1 result

  1. I would like to ask all of the people who are going to post in this thread to restrain themselves from throwing out meaningless posts like "shit change, me want vanila classic" but instead explain why you think so while giving constructive arguments. In the end we all want to make this server work and be a fun place to play. I would like to discuss here a well-known issue which often leads to a very 1-sided PvP with only 3 type of classes being really usable (archer/nuker/support) while rendering others (mele fighters) completely inefficient. BOW/NUKE RANGE As we all know in the full buff and open zones PvP combination of 900 range on attacks and crazy DPS make's it so only archers and nukers can compete on a even basis. Most of mele type characters who think about closing the 900 distance in 98% of scenarios will die before even closing the gap. In my opinion this is a very flawed PvP concept heavily promoting/encouraging players to pick only 2 type of classes if they are thinking of being a factor in mass PvPs (excluding universal supports). This wouldn't be that big of an issue in games where players can easily switch classes or without that big of an investment can create new characters of a different class. In L2, once somebody decides to play a Tyrant he will have to spend months if not years in order to get his character into the late game state. Some hardcore grinders without a full time job/school can probably do it and create 2 or maybe 3 different classes to make themselves strong in small area PvPs, on Oly and in Mass PvP, but for most of the players it's not an option - at least not in a reasonable time frame. So what can we do about it and how to balance out this situation ? Decrease autoattack/nuke range Heavily Increase movement speed Increase autoattack range for fighter classes 1. Decrease autoattack/nuke range - this solution might seem to be the most obvious one, but I definitely wouldn't suggest it because it forces a number of different and unwanted balance changes: impacts fighting mobs, because nukers/archer will have smaller distance advantage on a mob, resulting in mob closing the gap faster and inflicting more dmg than it usually would do (CP's won't feel it, but solo players will) impacts efficiency of aoe skills because smaller range will mean that during bigger PvP fights, players will tend to stack on each other a lot more, thus resulting in AoE skills coming from classes like Warlord or Overlord becoming a lot stronger (and even without such change they are already really powerfull) 2. Heavy increase of movement speed - this one is very tricky as well and I wouldn't suggest it: impacts farming efficiency speed - faster/safer trains, easier to escape from mobs gives some classes unwanted synergy benefits, where classes like Tyrant or TH with dash, when factoring the increased movement speed could be so fast that it would make it hard for other players to target them 3. Increase autoattack range for fighter classes - this in my opinion is a jackpot solution. How it would work: classes without bow attack range increase passive would gain the ability to attack from 900 range just like archers/mages do but with decreased dmg/penalty when distance to attacked target is less than 600 - deal their regular dmg like it is now (nothing changes) when distance to attacked target is more than 600 deal reduced dmg: 10-13% less dmg dealt for every 100 units over 600, this would mean that if a Gladiator wanted to attack with a bow target who was 900 units away, he would deal only 61-70% of his regular dmg with a bow Why do I think this change won't unbalance the game: Remember all fighter classes (excluding dagggers who might get a small overlook if such change was to be implemented) have already a rather low dmg with a bow due to lack of weapon mastery skills. Ofc this difference is negligable on lower levels but above 60s it's easy to notice the difference. At level 70 classes without a bow mastery are dealing probably around 70(?)% of a regular archer dmg (might be even less when factoring crit passives) so if you factor into that 70% additional 30-39% decrease coming from the long range penalty, such classes would deal only 42-50% of the dmg that a regular archer does. 50% is to small to make particular class strong with a bow, but at the same time it's enough to make it worthwile for those BDs/SWs/TANKs/Warlords etc to attack their enemies from distance when they don't have a real chance to close the gap and start attacking in mele range. Basically it would give people something to do in a mass PvP other than die while trying to close the gap. Damn if someone was bored, even a Prophet/Warcryer or a healer could start having their fun hitting ppl with a bow (but those would prob do only 24-30% dmg due the low STR attribute). Generally it would make the game feel more fluid, less 1 sided, and players who decided to pick a melee class because they like it, wouldn't get excluded from open zone PvPs. You could translate it like this: if fighter does 0,5 of archers dmg (and ofc archer does 1,0 of archers dmg), it means that: Standard archer party with Buffer+Healer has 6 DPS (5 archers + sws and bd with a bow) Standard mele party with Buffer+healer has 3,5 DPS (5 mele fighters with a bow and sws+bd with a bow) As you can see a regular archer party fighting at max range in an open PvP would still have a great edge (twice the DPS) over regular fighters party and would be heavily favored. But this way a fighter party at least has a tiny chance of actually outplaying the archer party with their kiting skills and winning the fight. Benefits of such a change: Every class becomes somewhat usefull during PvPs vs archers/mages Players who want to play non archer/nuker class wouldn't be that heavily discouraged/excluded from mass PvPs Creates more fighting scenarios and refreshes PvP schemes (nowadays PvP usually looks very repetitive) Makes it a lot more interesting to play some usually boring (to some) support classes (thus encouraging going main supports/crafters/spoilers over having only as boxes)