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  1. Savior's Dualbox Preferences

    voted same as chevi, tho if you want to give out prems for vote, it should be 7 votes (every 24h for 7 days) gives you like 3 day of premium, while whole month of voting gives you 3 weeks to 1 month of prem. otherwise its going to be main + box for free
  2. AOE skills during pvp

    I hope it will reach some response if ill do this the forum way. Warlord, nor Overlord skills cannot be used in PVP unless thers NPC or mob in range. this makes 2 characters in our cp whine to me EVERY DAY, please make any statement about it so i can finally tell them whats is what thanks, ADFDraco @edit my aura flare is not working the same way as wl/ol skills, i thing all aoe skills are not working properly, now im pissed @@ everyone have nearly similar movement speed now, sws have 166 with WW2 while i have 164, sth is wrong but i dont know the proper values
  3. CP LF BD, we have lvl 50+ char if you dont have one
  4. BD or SK lf English CP/Clan

    are you still here?
  5. BD or SK lf English CP/Clan

    speak with ADFDraco or sloppy in game
  6. @Caroll donators do matter, noone is doing his work for free -> donators can benefit from payments, they are worth more (as a customer) than non paying player, tho as you said they shouldn't have "bigger voice power". rates: the thing is, we do lvl really fast up to lvls ~60. then the xp curve starts to crawl up as a madman. lvl 76 on interlude is lvl 60 on classic, lvl 76 on classic is something around 6.5 interlude chars to 76, and still you need to go like 78~79 to get all skills. since we have 2.0 mechanics, ncsoft did everything in order newcommers can catch up relatively quickly. thats why we xp so fast. but at lvl 65 you need to farm 2kkk xp to get to 66, thats where the rewards comes in handy. so the fast xp is ok as it should be on 2.0 the main issues are that this server is not really classic since u have benefits for going solo xp instead of pt xp, and Supreme unfortunate reactions made a lot of ppl leave the server, for example becouse of orfen being disabled. wipe nor mergery wont help. bugless server will attract a lot of newcomers with proper advertising and thats all
  7. Issue of brianless PKers on the server

    issue is i have 9ppl in my cp, so ur 1v1 argument is invaild
  8. Issue of brianless PKers on the server

    tell that to ppl on 76+lvls at GK
  9. Issue of brianless PKers on the server

    oh i want to see you kill sps during 2.0 at lvls 76+ 2k+ cast speed = vortex + slug b4 u can blink
  10. Gladiator skill

    yea i checked it there should be a stun effect
  11. Gladiator skill

    are you sure that stun was in 1.0, becouse i think it was modified in 1.3 or 1.5
  12. Auto macros + afk = Jail

    what about fishing? can i leave my char fishing overnight?
  13. up PS. Cp LF BISH prime UTC 20+ (8pm)