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  1. yes, pls... i'm very tired of this too
  2. autumn


    this answer not for u... cptn...
  3. autumn

    DV Drakes have no drop

    lvl 41 gladi killing lvl 58 x5 mob with strong p.def... solo. I should be destroyed for sure. No misses even (almost). Only 200 dmg when mob using soulshot... Looks like there is no penalty for lvls difference (drop/spoil including). So if this wont be fixed before u add drop... we'll become ez mode server which is not "Classic". P.S. 100% (70% on of servers) chance adena drop and x5 rates more than enough to make this game ease.
  4. autumn


    there are momentums stones in the shop... https://l2wiki.com/Momentum_Stone
  5. autumn

    Gladiator skill

    true... i'm so noob))) but it doesnt rly stun... 1 second even
  6. autumn

    DV Drakes have no drop

    hope u wont farm DV while this is not fixed
  7. autumn

    Gladiator skill

    wtf... lucky u i cant even use it... it says "Sonic blaster cannot be used by unsuitable terms" tell me a secret
  8. autumn

    Human stats

    Capture 2016-11-11 13-38-05-714.avi Capture 2016-11-11 13-27-08-683.avi
  9. autumn

    Rooting mobs

    After every single first melee atack character doing one more step to mob. Or, if it not doing one more step, it doing pause betwen first and 2nd atack. It doesnt happen if character is standing on the place and u let mob move to u. But if it is agressive mob and it has root... if u get rootted betwen 1st and 2nd atack u can not atack mob and he does. BTW: It looks like mobs casting to often poison/root/sleep and it often can be canceled by melee atack. I'm not sure but it shouldnt be like that
  10. autumn

    горит пукан

    это что за математика такая?
  11. autumn

    горит пукан

    на странице сервера отсчет пошел... 2 окна (основное +1)
  12. any information about reopen date?