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  1. Dualsword

    hi! why Dualsword eat 2 soulshots? 1 soulshot for each beat=2 soulshots although the description says that they consume 1 soulshot
  2. Trial of the Challenger

    all work. It's was geodata bug
  3. Trial of the Challenger

    Hi! I can't enter in cave,where stay mob's and can't kill him.if you take mob in target (Gorr) ,me go away from cave and it all.
  4. Orc Raider Frenzy

    + when fixed frenzy?
  5. alligator island

    Hi!where tp from giran gk in AI?
  6. Force Blaster Monk

    up! If you don't repair this,make at least momentum stones free in shop. 0 adena for buy, 0 adena for sell in store
  7. Force Blaster Monk

    up!I think it was never repaired
  8. Tyrant

    when repair force blaster for Monk?
  9. Force Blaster Monk

    but if use mechanics old chronics need old skill passive on light armor,such give speed and accuracy or use new mechanics without this skill and recharging
  10. Force Blaster Monk

    Something wrong with mechanics of this skill. On classic Force blaster no need in charging(Momentum) for simple use. Charghing give bonus damage. +if use momentum stone thats eat all charging :if you have 1 lvl force -eat 1 1 momentum , if you have 2 lvl -eat 2 momentuma
  11. Bug with poison

    skill Curse of Poison have 100% landed on all mobs . Dark Elves 12 lvl from 16 cast on mobs 16+lvl have 100% use Poison. And this skill eat 100% HP mobs, even Hi-lvl mobs. This so strange. I think need look other DOT skill,especially Necro/SH