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  1. By mistake used non english keyboard to write login and password and it still let me log. Is it supposed to be like that? xD
  2. Carry

    EE lf cp (girl)

    Oh, im sorry, was not coming here these days. Were trying to farm solo and sad :) And now i cant login. If i will manage to lg, ill pm you jic
  3. Carry

    new solo player

    I saw and english speaking and spanish speaking and russians
  4. Carry

    Starting the Flame = drama

    Cant login! DDos again?
  5. Can't log in game. Getting disconnected on proxy thing. Any solution?
  6. Carry

    Auto-create accounts for live server as well?

    And if i have more than 1 game account, but only 1 forum account. How will it work? I have to create more than 1 forum acc?
  7. I'm curious how is it gonna be. Most of people can't understand russian and, as i know, many people with some reason don't like chat spammed in russian. And ye, weirdly no1 complains about spanish, portuguese etc xD Will we have some rules about it? Or anyone is free to use their native language?
  8. Im a EE, but don't speak russian :)
  9. Carry


    If this post was for me, ill have to decline I really don't like SE :)
  10. Carry

    Classic Erica x5 Donation List

    Class change for donate is killing Classic spirit. Don't you think? :)
  11. Carry


    If you won't find a party and i wont neither, we can play duo for a while :) Im going to be EE
  12. Carry

    EE lf cp (girl)

    Well, from what i see your english is pretty good :) Good luck on searching party for yourself too :)
  13. Carry

    Bonus para Jogadores / Player Bonuses

    Player Name: Carry Nationality: Irish Have you played L2 Warpgate before: Nop Tell us a bit about your Gameplay Style: I'm an Elven Elder from the day i started playing lineage! Love this class! Love elfs! Recharge! Recharge! Recharge!!! xD
  14. Carry

    Moderator suggestion

    Want to suggest myself as a moderator! I was moderator on some other server back in days. With server start more people will show up, so i think you will need some help! Im gonna be active!
  15. Carry

    Expected online

    Hello! How many people you are expecting on server start? I hope there will be a lot of people to play with! Less than 1 day missing and i can't wait!