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    No, that's players decision if he wants to shell 10 euro for that.
  2. Hey, hey. Making a new concept semi casual CP where you will be able to progress efficiently without the need of playing 10 hours a day in a dedicated CP. Basically how it's going to work is, you create any archer you like and a buffer (dualbox) to your liking. Archer + PP Archer + EE Archer + BD Archer + OL/WC Basically Archer + whatever that will also help you level solo in your free time. Most likely not a SWS, since that won't really help in leveling, but still a viable choice if you want. ^ These are not CP slots, just examples. So how many people am I taking? Basically, it doesn't matter, we can play just fine with 3x(Archer+Buffer) or be it 15, we will just split into multiple groups, that way everyone most of the time will have a spot. The idea is to create a Discord channel where you can hop on, look for online members and group up. Also, let's say you can't play on a certain day for whatever reason, it's still going to be fine, and with a support box you will always be able to solo xp just fine. While this is not the most optimal composition, because it's always better to have a real person behind a support character, it will work good enough to level up at a decent rate without nolifing in dedicated CPs, as well as it will let you play a DD class. If you're interested, let me know below your class combo and both of your nicknames.
  3. I mean, I prefer Interlude (as most of the L2 community does) over GoD (most features I listed come from GoD or are similar). But there are good things in Classic that C6 doesnt like better graphics, UI, party finder, etc. Question to you, do you want to make Classic into GoD with Kamaels and other similar fashion stuff? Why play Classic then? But as I said, it is not just about me, your opinion is perfectly fine too. Just next time try to avoid being so aggressive calling others in names.
  4. Hello, Before deciding whether to join this server or not, I would like to know developers' stance on certain future features that will appear in 2.0 and possibly in 3.0. Some of the most controversial features added by NCSoft are: Pirate and Assassin transformations 3rd profession lvl76 mounts Daily ~40-50lvl Rift Monster Arena Cycling Macros GoD Skills (Destroyer having a Rush, etc.) +15 Dyes 3.0 or a future update *might* add Kamael race Now, while my opinion is that all of these bullet points I listed are bad for the game, YOUR opinion might be different, and that's FINE. Having a private platform we have the privilege to adjust certain features, remove or disable some, or leave them be, whatever administration and community decides, right? SO, my question is, are these features up for debate and can the community decide whether they like these features or not, AND would administration actually do something about that? (Disable a feature if community dislikes it) Yes, the launch is very close and I'm not telling to make polls right now, we will still start with 1.0 without these features so we will have quite some time for that.