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    Disconected at "Select Proxy"

    Need another reset, my char is stuck at login screen
  2. Nibler


    It is auto created, just log in with an accountname / password of your choice
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    Bonus para Jogadores / Player Bonuses

    Player Name: Spoiled/Relbin/Relin Nationality: Belgian Have you played L2 Warpgate before: NoTell us a bit about your Gameplay Style: PVE / Spoiling / Crafting / Playing the market / Quests / RB / PVP when necessary
  4. Nibler

    Hallo iedereen

    Hallo iedereen, Even kijken hoeveel NL/BE mensen er hier gaan starten op 4 november. Misschien kunnen we samenwerken,.... Grt,