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  1. victor

    Classic Erica x5 Donation List

    these coins will be tradable in game?
  2. Some 1.5 and 2.0 features....can you be more specific please?
  3. victor

    Color system =D

    that is a print screen from another classic server never tryed it but that's what he said he used if u tryed it and it doesn't work.....then I dunno
  4. victor

    Набор в клан PhantomMenacy

    phantom menacy? really? u can't even write the clan's name correctly in english?
  5. victor

    Color system =D

    I think L2Lige works
  6. victor

    Crash Report at start.

    windows 7 ftw
  7. victor

    Salutari din Romania

    rumunsky nu estem?
  8. victor

    Clan TFD

    ola foster! que tal?
  9. victor

    my report

    no bro, Supreme understood . If it's retail ok. Not happy with it, dunno why we need 5 lines of shortcuts but whatever. It's not such a big thing, we can get used to it. Don't be mad! I'm trying to help. I deduct from your answer that you didn't knew that the skills description doesn't match the actual cooldown/effect. Considering u have less than a week to live start.....u should appreciate our help.
  10. victor

    my report

    1.sting should last 20 sec, it's 15 sec poison should last 30 sec and it lasts 20 sec hex 30 sec and it's 28 sec power break 30 and t's 28 sec freezing strike 1 min and it's 54 sec https://sendvid.com/we63q6o2 or the descriptions are wrong? 2. i have emi+0 patk 323 and light crosbow +11 p atk 343 with the emi equipped i have 1385 p atk with light crosbow equipped i have 1187 p atk shouldn't the chars p atk be higher with the +11 weapon equipped considering the weapons p atk is higher than emi's p atk? https://sendvid.com/idtdww3w
  11. victor

    my report

    The bar that shows what skill it's used it's too high positioned. U can check any video on youtube. It should be lower. https://sendvid.com/qx3h8nq0
  12. Wow! You are all alone in this project? It's incredible. It makes sense now. You won my appreciation! Keep up the good work!
  13. I remember that u announced the server this spring. What did u do all this time? How come there are so many bugs? You will loose players either way now. If u open on 4th and server is bugged u will loose players, if u delay the opening date u will loose players.
  14. I ment class occupation change but you are right: a nuker can be leveled up fast and then changed to a buffer. There should be a class group system like on classic.club: All classes are devided by 5 groups. Every character can change his class for another class from his group, or from the group below. First group classes: Overlord Prophet Warcryer Second group classes: Bishop Elven Elder Shillien Elder Third group classes: Warsmith (only to change from it)Bounty Hunter (only to change from it) Paladin Dark Avenger Warlock Temple Knight Swordsinger Elemental Summoner Shillien Knight Bladedancer Phantom Summoner Fourth group classes: Warlord Gladiator Treasure Hunter Hawkeye Plainswalker Silver Ranger Abyss Walker Phantom Ranger Destroyer Tyrant Fifth group classes: Spellhowler Sorcerer Necromancer Spellsinger As an example: if you are Prophet, you can change class for any from groups 1,2,3,4,5 If you are Elven Elder, only 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th groups are available for you. If you are Blade Dancer, you can change class for classes from 3rd, 4th or 5th groups. If you are Destroyer, you can change class for classes from 4th or 5th groups. And if you are Spellhowler, you can change class only within your 5th group. IMPORTANT! It is impossible to change class for Bounty Hunter and Warsmith. Class change also available for characters with 1st class. And it works by the same principle. When class is being changed, character's skin is being changed also. So there won'be any Elf - Warcryer characters.
  15. I don't agree with: Class change - i agree with 1st, 2nd class occupation change but not with 3rd Scrolls for important Locations not accessible from Teleport - (Cruma Tower, Ant Nest, Alligator Island etc) - advantage for epic raiding Offline Shop Ticket (24 Hours) - this should be free Premium Account (Access for 2nd Window - 1x BOX) - I think everyone knows my opinion on this topic Now lets see who voted for premium account: Pikachu ( joined 4 hours ago - really?), GTultimate ( joined 13 hours ago - I bet he just found out about the server last night, maybe he's friend of Pikachu), Fuglsang ( joined 13 dec 2012 and w8 for it ...... first post now, never had an opinion about anything else but he had to post about donations now ) didn't have time to check for the others, maybe by the time I finish this post there will be more accounts created especially to vote for premium account. I know that running a server it's expensive but u can manage with other stuff like xp runes and class change and buff scrolls. I appreciate the good job u're doing fixing bugs, but u should have had some things established by now. One of this things is donations. It's one week before start and u make poll about it now? When a player is looking for a server wants to know these things before he starts and then a week before live start he finds out there are major changes that will afect the game. Forum looks bad (delete the old posts that are not related to this server; why Jungle clan has a topic that is not included in clan/ally section?) Main page has no info about the server. 1 billion bugs, skills don't work - as I said I appreciate the work for fixing them. Are you sure you can go live on the 4th?