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  1. @Caroll trust me,my blade last more than 4sec... ( that pic was funny even if i'm not a LoL player )
  2. So Drakes in Dragon Valley have no drop at all. If i'm correct you use l2wiki for your database right ? So shouldn't drakes be like this ? https://l2wiki.com/classic/Drake Otherwise how do we get eminence bow shaft ? Because the only mob that drop emi bow shaft are Drakes (since we don't have TOI) http://plakis.eu/database/index.php?search&search=true https://l2wiki.com/classic/Eminence_Bow_Shaft
  3. Bonus para Jogadores / Player Bonuses

    Player Name: Olaf Nationality: Omelette du Fromage ! Have you played L2 Warpgate before: NoTell us a bit about your Gameplay Style: Grind grind grind
  4. Songs you like

    Ahhhh Mortisia finally someone with good taste
  5. suggestions to test the server

    there is a GM shop in giran, with lvl up, gear, adena etc etc etc ...
  6. As far as i'm concerned I don't mind waiting a lil bit longer, what matters the most is to play on a clean and nice serv So Just take the time needed to fix everything. Same as elpy x)
  7. Sounds better presented like this, thanks ! and that's actually a pretty smart auction system.
  8. Is the account sharing allowed?

    allowed or forbidden ?
  9. Auction System - Sell your Gear for real € (50% for Server) - Fights RTM Sellers This reminds me of Diablo 3 real money auction house (rmah), which was completly wrong. People were just selling their stuff in the rmah and you couldn't find any decent gear in the normal auction house. So this could be the same here, ppl prefering to sell their stuff for real money in stead of putting it on the adena market, and therefore slowly killing the ingame market.
  10. Dual Box on Classic

    What are you calling "random people" ?
  11. Dual Box on Classic

    yes 1+1, nice pic btw Victor
  12. November 4th 2016

    For what i understood the main dev is from Portugal and the server is being hosted in France so i don't think it's a russian server : )
  13. Let's do the math