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  1. BonkBonk

    Hello Bitches

    at the end of the day, we will meet again in a classic server, no matter what
  2. BonkBonk

    New Classic 2.0 Configs Sugestion

    i want shadow weapons coupon and buffs untill 35 : D
  3. I agree with not making a MIX server, just open the server as 1.0 from the start, SKILLS, AREA, RAIDS. ALL 1.0 ONLY and then update when you are able to do it. Yeah, probably merge the two server is not a good idea, i can't persuade my friends about joining too, they don't like the merge at all, too many issues, i can understand that. Idk, just let the server opened, the people that are playing there will understand with their eyes that a fresh start would be better for all, i don't think they want to kill just mobs or random people without any real competition, l2 is pvp, clan vs clan, these things..
  4. I am fine with merging servers in a future if there are two condictions: 1) The merge must be after some months the new server opened 2) The merge must happen with the same patch, for example, both 1.5
  5. BonkBonk

    Gladiator skill

    Probably you are trolling
  6. BonkBonk

    I feel liike this is the real beta

    Yeah, a pretty smart thing could be fix bugs and launch the projext before the end of 2017, there are not good project around there about classic. It's a server classic low rate, if all is fixed and playable, people will not leave the server for a project post 2017
  7. BonkBonk

    I feel liike this is the real beta

    to solve this problem, Supreme should not update the area exp zone, untill a xp balance in the server, it means that the main exp zones should be cruma and dragon valley, people should be able to aoe there even with random people. Seeing random people asking for party for aoe,make people think like the server is not empty at all, but there are even random players that want to join in random pt for aoe and this is good.
  8. BonkBonk

    I feel liike this is the real beta

    I agree with Chevignon..
  9. In the official beta, there were only few people and mostly, people use their time to enchat items, so the server wasn't rly able to find issues and fix them. I feel like this is the real beta, there are many players and it's easier to find out many bugs. I was answering to few people about bugs, some bugs were fine, some bugs unbalanced the game unfortunatelly, i know that in the past i was one of the first person saying "the bug will be fixed soon (speaking about bow for example), "people will not be able to abuse the bug", but later on, people started to buy bow or changed their class into archer to abuse the a.speed bug. There are still some bugs that matter a lot, like cruma tower for example, i know that all will be fixed, but it's a matter of time ofc. So, i would like to know what the community thinks about it, if they think that this seems like the real beta, it's good that there are many people playing the game reporting bugs, it's a good thing, but i would like to know what you guys think about it. I like anyway how admins are working hard to fix things
  10. BonkBonk

    EE lf cp (girl)

    (girl), next time i write a post saying (guy)
  11. BonkBonk


    If you right in english, maybe people could help you. Anyway, pet are not fixed yet, but they will be fixed pretty soon, don't worry about it!
  12. BonkBonk


    http://l2classic.club/forum/index.php?/topic/12587-back-to-buffs/ i found a good source, it's all we need to know =)
  13. BonkBonk


    Can any give an official source about debuff's rate? i found this https://4gameforum.com/threads/507047/ is about stun, i know from other classic servers that any debuff has a 90% chance to land, no matter what, as base, ofc if your lvl is < than your enemy, the rate will be lower