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  1. Fuji


    to mouni tou patera sou egw 8a to gamhsw.. gamw ton antixristo sou kai thn manoulitsa sou thn karia
  2. Fuji


    i dont think that this topic should be active from the time that supremem has already decide that the server will be at x5 rates
  3. Fuji

    New Classic 2.0 Configs Sugestion

    i didnt say anything about donations ofc there should be no donation items that can be sold in game to make profit so you want a classic without classic features plz move at a c6 server and leave the classic to be classic
  4. Fuji

    Hello Bitches

    ahaha ofc you know that
  5. Fuji

    New Classic 2.0 Configs Sugestion

    you hurt more the server no drama plz server with buffer last 1 month if you want classic with buffer google it i have found one isnot that hard just dont drama with this option you know that fighters cant pk right? hahaha plz think 2 times smthing before post even with 1 pk fighters is hard to remove karma imagine with 20 pk`s and 1 miss click or smthing(always speaking about fighters) we will never saw an archer with karma on server if there is no pk scrolls also all mages will keep their pk`s for 60+ lvls and when you will go with your 60lvl archer at a mage pt you will get pk pk=-4% mage will burn his karma in 1 train before you comeback but you cant do the same with your archer this is why pk scrolls exist.. plz dont hurt the game and leave CLASSIC!!! THATS WHY NAMED CLASSIC! Peace Love <3
  6. Fuji

    Hello Bitches

    still here watching ^^
  7. Fuji

    I feel liike this is the real beta

    fix all bugs wipe the server wait 2 months do more advertise reopen the server with 0 bugs in this state of server as the days pass more and more ppl will leaving make the server die! ppl dont be afraid to loose 40 lvl chars on a x5 server LOL
  8. Just relax and wait guys after some time they will stop bother us!
  9. Fuji


    You got the point Blazn 1kk for him...nextt
  10. Fuji


    Lets do it!
  11. Fuji


    a gif with an ass is never too big
  12. Fuji

    Clan Bonuses / Bonus para Clans

    Clan Name: Addicted Leader: Fuji Members: 23 Nationality: International Recruitment: Full CP`s
  13. Fuji

    Only English in chat?

    i think that on all chat(!) there will be only english and maybe punish the ppl who dont speak english at (!) with chat ban because ru ppl have a bad thing that fully the (!) chat with their language and make the server seems like a ru one