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  1. Count to 2019 before 2019!

  2. Count to 2019 before 2019!

  3. Count to 2019 before 2019!

  4. uPlay

    Right click on the icon and run it as administrator. I am sure it will launch.
  5. [DECIDED] Savior's Server Rates

    The lower the rates are, the better. Guys think about long-term, not just until you reach 40+ so you can level up easier. Lower rates means better server economy. Sadly, L2 has many flaws with its economy by design. Classic is considered only for low rates, so I think x3 is fine.
  6. I agree with you. But it was the community's choice. It was our fault. Yep. During the pre-alpha/alpha test, I was helping Supreme with the tests, having particular areas of focus needed to test. That's why there were so many bugs and issues. Everything was moving so slowly. And when the project moved on to obt, people were not doing anything thinking everything is ok. From my point of view, the server should have launched late November, early December or even next year.
  7. First of all, congratulations for bringing up some new drama. Secondly, it's late for a 3rd ''opening'' and lastly, Supreme launched based on the poll results. I know it was stupid to open the server so early, but nothing we can do about it. Just wait for the bug fixes.
  8. Hoping for the best, captain. Let's rock!
  9. News about server

    Every official news come directly from Supreme, but I am sure he sleeps. So we have to wait for a few hours until he comes back. Be patient as the server will go live again tomorrow or on Monday.
  10. RIP WARPGATE (bb server)

    Supreme when you see it, please lock this thread and threads like this. Let's end this topic right here right now.
  11. RIP WARPGATE (bb server)

    Less whiners and drama queens. I say worth it. We won't miss you. This time the opening will be better.
  12. I had hope you would consider at least to postpone the launch by a week captain, despite the poll results. Anyway, see you at the opening!