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  1. PhanticK

    lol, Hi.

    hey, is there any server right now?
  2. PhanticK

    lol, Hi.

    Hello. To be honest i didnt expect this forum to exist anymore (im glad that i was wrong) and im not sure if any of the old members still playing. I guess maybe only @Supreme remember me? I was da best elf in the first warpgate server -the drama maker.
  3. PhanticK

    How I Feel

    im heart broken. i felt in love with the most cute girl in the world but we broke up 4 weeks ago. From the moment i saw her, i knew that she is the one.. We had great time but now its over. this is how I feel. no1 really cares , just wanted to share it. Love the world, love the elf even if im pwning u hard.
  4. PhanticK


    sorry im the best and the most handome elf ever!:D
  5. PhanticK


    this is me before my 3rd quest. Then im ready for hunting
  6. PhanticK


    i dont even know what chronical or x? the server will be. I joined only because preaty asked. So who gives a fuck??? U guys are going to be my bitches again
  7. PhanticK


    so u cant join TheFallen either.
  8. PhanticK

    Bonus para Jogadores / Player Bonuses

    Player Name: PhanticKNationality: GreekHave you played L2 Warpgate before: YesTell us a bit about your Gameplay Style: i like farming, sieging and humilating the opponents
  9. PhanticK

    My thoughts about new L2 Classic Server

    agree. If some1 uses bots to xp, instant ban. fuck bots