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  1. Never saw it before, hilarious !! Happy holidays everyone !!
  2. Lorissefy

    Songs you like

    To get you lot into the X-Mas spirit, enjoy watching!
  3. Lorissefy

    Songs you like

    ghehe, coz of you im now listening to those old school games of the Genesis and snes ect mwahah
  4. Lorissefy

    Songs you like

    Im digging it neversoft, reminds me of the old good times of 8-bit sounds on the NES ect DOUBLE DRAGON:
  5. ahw yess A grade baby but let us first enjoy v1.0
  6. Lorissefy

    Songs you like

    two can play that game though. Enjoy!!
  7. Lorissefy

    Olympiad Games sort of Pokemon "Battle Tower"

    Level related points, see previous post level restriction on possible awards, for example. an lvl 20 can never buy an EWB with teh points he earned at lvl 20. Might be a bit hard, but even if he quickly lvl's up after to lvl 75, he still shouldnt be able to buy certain items. hope someone else can throw in some too
  8. Lorissefy

    Songs you like

  9. Lorissefy

    Olympiad Games sort of Pokemon "Battle Tower"

    yes there should be some more restriction else i'd be abused too much
  10. Lorissefy

    Songs you like

    oh god reallly.. adele .. -_-' Lionel owns it obviously
  11. Lorissefy

    Olympiad Games sort of Pokemon "Battle Tower"

    You do have an excellent point there, the "level destriction" may cause higher level players to have no opponents or clans to make bots in order to achieve hero on lower level character, just for getting goodies such as enchant scrolls. Therefore i'd suggest that the amount of points for a winning is character level related, for example: - An level 20 char recieves 20% points of an max level (75); that means an lvl 20 char needs at least 5 matches for the same awarded points for a 1 match by max. lvl char This however, isnt fullproof, cause if there are no opponents for the higher chars then lowbie chars are still capable of snatchin the hero. Then again it isnt that diffucult to create your own lvl 20 char and beef it out in the battle tower. Ofcourse with help from your friends/clannies you can create more chars of the same level of your char, the infamous "feeding" is still possible. Another question should be, does this system needs more / other restrictions in order to not be abused and players who are hero actually deserve it? I can imagion that hero's can only be obtained if the char is above 65+ (at start of the server its ofc possible to take the average level of player class), any lvl below it can get goodies or something for participating and using the features of the server. Suggestions or possible fails in this system are welcome to be notified by our dear community =) Thnx!
  12. Well at least you aint the only one Pansen =) Congrats Sheen !