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  1. Songs you like

  2. Songs you like

    heard on the radio but its better i love covers
  3. Songs you like

  4. Songs you like

    i cant believe it supreme, shes got fake nails. How could you ?
  5. Songs you like

    Dont be lazy! correct it in your mind Eines Tages - someday [Verse 1] Oh yes, I've been poor and was rich Thought everything changes - the most remained the same I wanted the spotlight and wanted the fame Then Hatt 'I him and wished me'd' no recognizable ' I've been up and was down Have been searching my happiness, but never found [Bridge 1] And've learned that no matter what I've It's never what I want - the Never, never, but ... [Chorus 1] Someday I'll be happy again because I know Sometime's will be better One day my dream becomes reality And I'm finally at peace with myself clean ' Someday I'll be happy again, because (because) Sometime's will be better Someday Oh, one day [Verse 2] And yes, I was already here and was already there Center, the place does not matter, I'll come to myself not clear I wanted the groupies and more and more women Then Hatt 'I so many, I could' no longer trust I was in relationships've wished that I am free Then I was back solo, felt so alone [Bridge 1] [Chorus 2] Someday I'll be happy again because I know Sometime's will be better One day my dream becomes reality And I'm finally at peace with myself clean ' Someday I'll be happy again because I know Sometime's will be better Someday Oh, one day [Bridge 2] And I always wanted as many options, ie options But as they were then there's was so hard for me to decide What do you mean this or that? I wish actually alittle bit of both But apparently there's more, exactly what I'm talking [Verse 3] Because sometimes it's hard and sometimes easy And sometimes you have to wait Sometimes you get also do it (the same) And sometimes you get it, but no longer want it Because you chase already the next beautiful dream afterwards And even if you get all the fame, success and money Benefits you nothing, as long as you are not at peace with yourself [Bridge 3] And you'll see: No matter what you have It's never what you want, never, never, but ... [Chorus 2] Ego [Intro] Yeah, Dynamite, Johnny Make the shit for 18 years Back then deliberately 'I still nothing from the ego 93, but I think today 'me often: [1. Verse] Dear God, give me the power, please give me the energy Please give me the verses and please give me the melody Please give me the strength to get through this here without going crazy I believe in you, but do not want to go to church, it is' terribly Do you hear me? Hello There? Do you see me? Do you feel me? And you understand me? People look at my car and outfit, but that's not it I've grad 'no plans because I trust' not MeI'm Ego Because often what my ego wants is not good for my soul I know that I'm not happy when I crawl more dough ' Know that nobody likes me more just because I fuck couple of nice girls' But exactly that is what my ego wants, so shame on 'I Because the superficial shit me actually too little is' For years I thought that everything only career is' And today I notice that in my heart so 'ne emptiness is' I have indeed learned a lot, but wonder what the doctrine is' I'll vowed'll dissed, future was never very sure But something gives me the power, no matter how hard it is' And I'm more than option pessimist, slowly I notice it I love making music, even if this business is annoying ' I thought I read 'again something honest [Refrain] I Listen dear to my ego, or at least on my soul? I hear voices talking in me As if I'm schizophrenic They are rarely of one mind And erschwer'n me so decision ' And I feel so alone and helpless In the fight against my ego [Scratches] [. 2 Verse] Ah, and I erinner yet how bad it was When I found out at some point that there was' ne inner voice The seemingly never enough what I was doing, because she always tells me She wants to eat more, almost like this Hungry Caterpillar No, it is real glutton, hungry, since we were kids Knew that we were only loser in the eyes of the winners And who remembers the feeling of the past, still carry within us Never again will anyone here tell me about such things No. I'll show you all here, you prove to everyone We'll see who laughs last, when it's all over Ey, quite honestly, when it's over, then no one will laugh more These are only illusions that we make here, unfortunately, Because we can act the ego And that will not make you happy But the rest of this giant world Who needs all the glory and all that money? Do you need anything for yourself? Love can not be bought, no, not even love for yourself No, I've tried with baggies, sneakers and jewelry Nevertheless, I have not looked much better in the mirror As before, but afterwards when I've finally seen through It's not about what I wear on my skin ', which I bought' Or what I've sold ', but what I aussag' What is my mission, what is my mission? No, I do not even buy my 'ass for one million If I'm happy at the end, the trip was worth
  6. Well, i like it right now, looks perfect for me. Only 2 small details, I do not like the inbox, I find it uncomfortable, i lose myself there. and the place on right on top (profile, new content, notifications, messages) maybe is very transparent i think. That is all! good work Please correct me english moderator!
  7. All kind of art in L2 Warpgate

    Not from Warpgate, but, L2 art!
  8. Addicting web game

    is not enough! ill play again later x)
  9. Addicting web game

    my best score: 1942 ... im mad
  10. All kind of art in L2 Warpgate

    "Wen" Unfinished adena art    
  11. Songs you like

    and, i cant play, so i post a song i like :)   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJ9ydWGrm1Y   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwzHzw5blaI     bad translation: If I come into your heart like All we can always choose Do not write the wall I just want to be between your skin And just in case the sun does not shine And I stay stuck here Would see no reason To continue to live without your love And now that crazy back Looking for your love Nothing remains but the wind There is more to the wind And just in case the sun does not shine And I stay stuck here Would see no reason From live without your love.
  12. Songs you like

    WTB one of this   :) (i cnt stop listening ... this song)   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cYCubol7a0
  13. Songs you like

    a song i like     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8NTPQR0lc8