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  1. TheBest

    Happy Bday!! :D

    Happy Birthday!!
  2. TheBest

    Archer DMG

    I think archer needs nerf, i hit carol/khaleesi like 6k-8k)))
  3. TheBest

    achievement level 10 done =D

    why u listen to nightcore? lollll faking boater
  4. TheBest

    Congrats another great list of heroes!

    They not geared for oly, unless tjey donate for augment transfer, dyes, and etc..
  5. TheBest

    HarleM + BARAKA = Heros?))

    Always spamming forum with useless shit.
  6. TheBest

    Congrats another great list of heroes!

    They never got hero, valakas, and Aden so idk what u keep crying about
  7. TheBest

    kkkkk Mace +16

    still paper. i kill u 1v3
  8. mb some words don't exist :D
  9. all these botters making +16 lol.
  10. TheBest

    Spawn Boss

    I think right now it's 26-30 hrs, I don't see how that's monopoly and there are around 30+ bosses u can kill
  11. TheBest

    Bot IntelC0re

    This isn't the 1st time I've seen this guy bot
  12. TheBest

    Mamoon Information

    Lazy ppl lol
  13. No from me also even tho I am in same timezone as BR. I actually get home from school same time as oly finishes.
  14. TheBest

    Weapon Glow!

    Me too :D but I like the one with chicken instead
  15. TheBest

    Weapon Glow!

    Gratz :D go +21