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  1. Dvp and my opinion

    todavia no me contestaste la pregunta 1
  2. Dvp and my opinion

    te quiero preguntar 2 cosas 1) jugastes el antiguo L2World? (tu nombre me suena conocido de ahi, pero no toy segura de q seas lo mismo) 2) creo tu post esta poquito equibocado.. ni 10% de lo q dices ariba se pasa en ese server.. quisa solo pusiste "copy+paste" de algo q ni idea tienes (?)
  3. Issue of brianless PKers on the server

    could be a good idea if these players would ever have enough adena to pay the abusive prices you actually ask for things in game.. had to laugh (HARD) when I saw people selling B gaiters/breastplate for 8kk and EWC for 35kk I will find you and I will kill you!
  4. 1) actually Monkey is lvl 50+ and, once again i am saying, you are noone here to talk like this with people.. nobody cares if his english good or not.. we used to have such a good community in past servers, where most all of us used to kill each other in game and still laugh all together in game, facebook, skype, forum.. it was absolutely normal for us to see clans with war farming together, helping each other.. not using such offensive language and acting like they were better than others, like you do.. i am not saying we didnt had this kind of person before, yes we used to, but they were not so many and they wouldnt come to forum to make nonsense "i am a God" posts like you.. so you better calm down if you don't want every topic you make a post to be removed to flame section.. and as you can see, i am a defender of the wronged ones and i have a very sharp tongue 2) ofc i did take it too personal because i see noone coming to forum and acting like a dick with someone because he havent done any donation so far.. if you are such a good players as you think you are and if you have all that knowledge about lineage as you think you have, then you should know donators are nothing when there are non donators for them to do pvp with.. donators and non donators are the two faces of a coin.. and every coin needs both of them 3) about my clan in past servers.. yes, we were about 10 active members, but even 20+ active members clan used to respect us.. and you know why? 2 simple factors: 1) numbers will not help much when you havent tactics to win; 2) as i previously said, our old community was not made by "IamGod" wannabe guys, like you
  5. for the first part, i NEVER said donator doesnt matter, i better than everyone here know the much they matter.. but i totally disagree when you or anyone else think they can here and talk to people they way that @V1rus dude talked to @wildemo treating him like he were shit because he did no donations and this @V1rus dude seems to have done (or at least his clan mates).. server is just starting, donations are still not open, so HE HAS NO RIGHT to talk like that with ANYONE here.. and even after donations be open, even if @wildemo and his clan mates will not be able to donate, it is not anyone elses business.. I DO KNOW how much a server needs donators, but I DO KNOW the impact the lack or non-donators population can bring to a server about the rest you said, i totally agree.. i only did not liked your post because your first paragraph you clearly dont know the difference between "offer", "idea" and "suggestion" so please, before you do your next post, go to google and learn bring me some please... btw couldnt miss the chance
  6. not sure if i laugh most at the "merge" part, at the "my offer" or about the "start server until 2016/12/01" 1) Supreme never said he would really do a merge.. all he said was that they (staff) were thinking about it since many others players asked for somewhere in forum 2) you are noone to make an "offer".. actually what you have done was a suggestion 3) sure, fix all the bugs i dont think should be a problem until 2016/12/01 but you talking about fix it all, work in a new publicity and get everything ready in exactly 8 days? you guys should stop with these weeds.. it seems to be going too deep in your brain finally someone who seems to have a real life to care with who exactly are you? "omg he made a donation and now he feels like he is a hero" dude shut up please.. you know NOTHING about this server.. nobody here cares if you have done a donation or no.. nobody here cares if you belong to a good clan or no.. nobody here really cares if you play or no.. get real.. you should not act like you are better than @wildemo or anyone else only because you or any of your teammates made a donation to server.. many of us (old Warpgate players) are playing this server since the very start, back to 4-5 years ago, many of us have done over $1k in donation in the past and to be honest only me and my clan members have done about $10k donation so far.. yet you dont see me here posting craps talking to people like i am better than them.. if money would give anyone the right to talk high with the others, then you should kneel down to @Gispa since he did ALONE about $5k in donations in the past servers also, as @wildemo said, MANY people out there has a real life and are not able to play 24/7 (as you seem to be, according to your talk).. and who said Classic is meant to be hardcore? wher did you get this info? Classic is meant to be DIFFERENT, not HARDCORE.. "oh but Official Classic is x1, it is meant to be hardcore".. yes, C1 was x1, C2 was x1, C3, C4, interlude, God.. all of them were/are x1 in Official yet it never made the version be hardcore.. each chronicle is different with its own features, each server is different with its own rates.. you cant come here and talk to others to leave because they are "only 6" or because they haven't done any "donation".. Supreme is the one who will decide the new server rates, not you.. and if you want me to be even more honest, i really like much more the x5 since MANY of my friends, even @Gispa, are not playing because they have a real life, a real family, a real work.. and it all keeps real people busy, did you know? sadly, if you ever have money, you cant use it to buy you a real brain...
  7. I feel liike this is the real beta

    yeah his server must really be "already over" with an average of 350+ unique players online at 2am (European time)
  8. I feel liike this is the real beta

    I wish you could say what mage can 1 hit mobs 40+ with no grade stuff.. I have plenty of friends that even with full top D are still not able to kill a mob with less than 3 hits
  9. I feel liike this is the real beta

    Once again you guys seem to be forgetting the main problem.. with no server there will be no donations.. so how do you ever think Supreme will be able to make a new advertisement? I dont think he is rich or so to spend so much money with a new publicity
  10. I feel liike this is the real beta

    what kind of advertisement you talking about? did you realise an advertisement to bring 1-2k of players will cost ~500$? and who would pay for it if server would wipe (as you suggest) and would have no donations?
  11. I feel liike this is the real beta

    I know it is really annoying to farm, get level or do whatever you want to when there are still so many bugs around.. but I am pretty sure everybody who is still here knows the hard work Supreme and Zora are doing to fix everything.. as @BonkBonk said, it may take a time but we all know it will be done, sooner or later The "wipe" thing you guys are talking about can be good but can also be bad If wipe, many players that are still around shall get angry and leave, blaming Supreme and the server for "all the time they spent for nothing", as anyone said in another topic. It also could give Supreme some time to get all the bugs fixed and maybe do a new advertise and bring new players, giving a fresh start to everyone. The main question here is: how would Supreme keep server up and invest in this advertise if there will be no donations? If no wipe, this community we have would stay (at least they should) and the advantage the actual players have among the new players could be a problem but I really dont think it could be easily solved.. an idea could MAYBE be something like a "starter pack" to new players, with something like 1 day xp rune and some 20 mins buffs pack (like those from daily reward), which would not affect the actual players and would give new players a chance.. but of course I am not suggesting it for now, as we still have a lot of newbie guys around, I am talking about this starter pack for when everybody get over level 40, so it could put the newbies into pvp/sieges/bosses a bit earlier, giving them some chance and giving to actual players more pvp/fun This is only my point of view
  12. Bonus para Jogadores / Player Bonuses

    I liked the "+ beer" part
  13. Songs you like