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  1. PoPika

    Price for PK Scrolls

    mb it should be x5 because adena drop also is x5 when im right.. ah ye and plz vote
  2. PoPika

    Price for PK Scrolls

    Hey Guys! Imo the prices for pk removal scrolls are way too low atm... Its 35.000 Adena to remove 1pk on c-grade... 70.000 for b-grade at the moment. (mb even less from clanhall) For example a c-grade player can remove 100pks for only 3.5kk Adena... (b-grade only 7kk)... thats hilarious... I think these scrolls should be nearly uneffortable since you dont even need to make a quest for it! maybe ppl would think twice then before they pk someone... Pking was allways connected with a kind of punishment (do quest or drop stuff to other players) but here the punishment is neither hard dekarma nor high prices for pk-scrolls. so i suggest to at least raise the prices for pk scrolls... hope u got me! What do u think? If the majority votes for yes i can make another poll with the prices, if supreme doesnt wanna set them on his own.
  3. PoPika

    Issue of brianless PKers on the server

    In my opinion there is no need to pk ppl if any clan or party wants to farm anywhere alone... u only should give others a chance to leave the place and at least tell them to leave before u come around the corner and just pk them... ppl cant smell that u will come and leave before u arrive... u know? if anyone stays then ofc he needs to face the consequences. U just should give everyone the chance to catch up (like Pansen said ) so we can have pvp in the future... not this pk shit increasing the gap between u and those u could have fun with in pvp in the future! I also think pking should be punnished somehow... for example it should be pain in the ass to remove karma... at least from 3pk+ karma removing should take a while. Atm removing Karma is working faster than to rebuff and return to try to fight back. (in most areas) pk removal scrolls should be really expensive too, and hard to obtain imo. maybe ppl think twice then before they pk. Atm the only one who really suffers from being pked is the one who became pked by loosing exp. Remove the exp loss when becoming pked would be an option here i think! Since most of us have a real live, many guys cant farm hours every day. So if we want pvp on this server in the future generally reducing the exp loose in pvp might be an acceptable option. Ofc not when u die from mobs. i wonder how often pvps will take place here in the future... "like 1h pvp on friday, including some deaths + huge exp% loose... and then farm whenever u can the next week, to regain ur lvl/%, to be able to go pvp the next friday for 1h again? " This will not work for most of the guys i know on this server since there is real live with real jobs, family, friends... I would like to get to know what others think... mb we should start suggestions about the exp loose and karma remove...
  4. yep i also became dc´ed and cant relogin :(( so lets w8 until our "god" got enough sleep!!
  5. PoPika

    Auto macros + afk = Jail

    Hey! ehm... when im right supreme said u r not allowed to use ur macros, even not if u r sitting in front of it and watch it... imo this makes sence in this context... i think we r not playing l2 classics for rushing lvls by using any program...
  6. PoPika


    Jojojo Ik bin och am start
  7. PoPika

    Bonus para Jogadores / Player Bonuses

    Player Name: PoPika Nationality: German Have you played L2 Warpgate before: Yes Tell us a bit about ur Gameplay Style: Hit and Run
  8. hey all! nice to see this :)) lets go!!
  9. PoPika


    jooo worth to log!! gogogo (y)
  10. 2 or 3 more such videos and supreme can make a rly nice promo vid! :D
  11. GJ man!! thx for the vid! this siege was rly 2h of fun! :D   PS: imo archer is fine atm... dangerous but anything else than immortal... at least the hawkeye... i cant say anything about elf/dark elf archers since i didnt test...  i think supreme found a good balance here at least on HE.. (y)
  12. PoPika

    Songs you like

  13. PoPika

    Songs you like