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  1. RIP WARPGATE (bb server)

    Most of the servers on opening days get insane DDoS.. Unless you are loaded with cash and spent a fortune on protection MAYBE you can avoid it with minor laggs and crashes.. But Supreme still trying his best with his little number of staff members. Cheers to him. Same as people mentioned, if you came here for classic and you know that classic means, people will wait not a big deal. But people who already cry about first day "fail" opening would leave server in few days anyway by not being able to handle the classic "grind" And my guess majority of community in classic gonna be old school players who miss old times and are already grown up, families, kids, jobs and etc. and not the common teenager jumpers who have nothing else to do for 10hours after a school..
  2. Only English in chat?

    good all times, br zerg incoming!!!
  3. Only English in chat?

    I know right, but the thing i would only worry about if it was like russian alphabet letters allowed, people can talk whatever language they want as long as alphabet is english. Because if people start opening sell/buy shops in russian alphabet letter there will be no chance to understand what are they selling/buying.
  4. Not looking for cp/ clan but more like people, can be a group or just individuals who don't want to play alone. I have a job and other life matters so I can't promise I would be online everyday at the same time and so on. So if you aren't a hardcore nolifer and just want to get back to old school l2 times, chill and have fun, hit me up with pm! GMT-6. And i would probably play evenings on weekdays and anytime weekends. English speakers preferred even tho I'm not an English native speaker myself haha. But I guess we could work things out whatever language you speak Gonna roll as WC & WS. So if you are Spoiler we could make a pretty good team in money making! However, every class is welcome! Cheers and see you in game!
  5. Color system =D

    Lol not for me. I like keeping it simple and classic. All those colors lol, might as well go play WoW haha
  6. error starting

    Windows 8 working as well for me. Hope its not gonna affect future updates.
  7. Client doesn't start.

    So here is an issue. Downloaded client with torrent from Warpgate official website, did full update with updater and whenever i start the client, screen goes black for like 20 secs and l2.exe stops working. any ideas? Running windows 8.
  8. Erica 5x

    Supreme, you better make sure this server runs! Haha. Built up brand new gaming pc so i can run game on max set and max fps! N use old one as a box lol. See ya in game!
  9. Count to 2017 before 2017!

  10. Awesome, that unlocking idea sounds so fun. Makes you also focus on bunch of variety things we never did before. Not just go and farm in same zones we being doing for years..
  11. Let's do the math

    +22. We can almost make 3 full parties and fight against elphies! Too bad clan recruitment thread so empty..
  12. for new players !

    What is approx. online number here? Or at least is it busy enough to have some fun owning asses and getting owned urself aswell? lol