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    China will not be an issue but south America will be ... this server was already running an interlude versions for a while and the amount of Brazilians and Europeans were pretty equal ... 2 different times could solve the problem yea , but I am not sure if supreme is willing to do any kind of customisation tbh... About the spawning window I totally agree with you... 0 to 60 minutes would be perfect for me too as a casual gamer who might be able to play 5h a week

    Just my personal view on that: I like the idea of the town npc counting down the time ... maybe it should not show the exact time, but the time when the spawning time starts ... camping that place for a while provides us with longer PvP . Also a chat announcer saying the epic rb is alive now sounds nice to me ... I just don't like the idea of fixed times, because this is a world server ... you will not find a time that's good for all the players . It will always benefit one side of the server ... either Europeans or Americans for example Thx for your effort Cheers ^^
  3. Savior's Dualbox Preferences

    My experiance showed me that a box is very important for most players i was playing with ... if you are not able to use any third party software on the server (walker, adrenalin auto clickers and so on) there is no problem with boxes imho ... but as most of us know, there is always a loophole ... that's why I am not that sure about boxes ... I always was using boxes too, and I would miss sth without it . Btw I was only using it to buff myself in towns or as a moving wh ... Long story short ... I like boxes, but I hate all these cheaters and abusers
  4. Savior's Dualbox Preferences

    1 main + 1 free box + 1 donated box would be fine imo ... at least for warehouse cleaning actions it would be nice to have a free box . I know you can use the e mail system too, but its way more comfortable to do it directly via trade option , especially when you have a lot to reorganize Just my opinion
  5. Dvp and my opinion

    Would be awesome, if you can make videos like that in English
  6. Count to 2017 before 2017!

  7. Count to 2017 before 2017!

  8. Count to 2017 before 2017!

    1268 Will be hard to reach 2017 before 2017 with this speed
  9. Count to 2017 before 2017!

  10. Someone help me?

    Just click on your name at the top left of you screen
  11. Count to 2017 before 2017!

  12. AOE skills during pvp

    Also realized, that i could not use poison cloud in pvp today
  13. Count to 2017 before 2017!

  14. Count to 2017 before 2017!

  15. Hallo?

    Na ich finde es schon sehr lustig, aber farming technisch recht mühsam ... Top ist im Moment noch b grade ... classic entwickelt sich aber weiter ... wie genau kann ich dir auch nicht sagen .... im Moment fühlt es sich wie c1/c2 mit god overlay an ... also ich hab zwar nicht viel Zeit zum zocken, hab hier aber durchaus meinen Spaß