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  1. Davai Interlude Back xD

    Yo i was missing from my home for about 5 months so i came to see how things going here to start have some fun again I hope i will see one server like the old warpgate
  2. Davai Interlude Back xD

    Hello all old friends i wish we could have again this Interlude server back to have some fun and making some drama i think a lot people missed that but as i know is difficult to have this again so maybe sometime we all meet again somewhere
  3. Count to 2017 before 2017!

  4. Price for PK Scrolls

    It should be more harder to remove PKs since is private classic server... PKing all time new entrys making bad community for server since you lose so many % and a lot ppl will be mad and leave...
  5. Вы имеете в виду, когда сайт будет меняться; He is asking if server gonna be changed...Dunno if he read the changes
  6. Good work dude, continue on that
  7. Lineage2World - Videos

    damn what you remind me Bring that times back!!!
  8. Lineage2World - Videos

    Missed those days, i dont think i will play and have fun like this but i hope to get a half of them somewhere
  9. for new players !

    davai server back :< lets have some fun again... I think many people will love that
  10. Καύλες!!!

    Γειά σας καύλες!!!
  11. Count to 2017 before 2017!