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  1. Eloid

    Count to 2022 before 2022!

  2. Eloid

    Warpgate Interlude

    Yo Supreme Our crew (old TheFalllen ppl and some new) is still waiting for Interlude reopening since you said that it will be ready in november / early december. Do you still think about it or u totaly forgoten? Off topic: Gj on classic server, It looks nice
  3. I don't care when it opens. All i want that i will be ready, without bugs (as much as posible).
  4. Eloid

    Olympiad Games sort of Pokemon "Battle Tower"

    lol so that means around 58 posible heroes...
  5. Eloid

    Olympiad Games sort of Pokemon "Battle Tower"

    So human fighter could be hero? ^^