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  1. Let's do the math

    +15 and my brother +16
  2. im waiting aswell and i got 5 free days at week so think what gonna happen ::D
  3. Songs you like

  4. Donation

    he will play aswell and he is doing fine thanks
  5. Donation

    i think i will spend some money but i hope server dont die
  6. Songs you like

    i have that song in my playlist aswell
  7. Songs you like

    This is dope
  8. Buffstore?

    This is good idea..
  9. My thoughts about new L2 Classic Server

    that download is so slow but soon i will be in server aswell
  10. My thoughts about new L2 Classic Server

    Bored of waiting I want to play hard as fck,the best come with time...
  11. Which Animes are your Favourites?

    Attack on titans cuz its +18 and so many deaths