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    Soundtrack to rb and siege For pvp
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    Classic Erica x5 Donation List

    In my opinion, the early game when server starts if you have class occupation change, the first one wouldn't matter much because it don't take much time to do, but the second one is quite long. Since there're players who can't play much, because of work and other stuff, this speeds up the process, without messing the balance of the game. And donations will only be available in the 3 week after the server opens, so it won't have impact on the early game when the server start. It will not change the balance of the game, and will help the server, so I think it's a good one.
  3. I've already said this, but, most of the servers fails because of problems with the inauguration. Some people stop playing and others don't even join. I guess me and a lot of other people are waiting a long time already, so a couple more weeks won't do much difference. It's better a stable and nice server, than to rush the opening, having the possibility of something going wrong and messing everything . My opinion is the same as elpy
  4. There are some people that have already played classic and are familiar with it, in high or lower degree, and others just never played it. So, I think is a good idea to share sites, files, or other things with info about classic to everyone have an idea to what to expect about the server. I've saw some other topics with the same subject, but I'll post anyways. If there is a need to be moved, please do it. https://l2wiki.com/classic/Main_Page This site has an overall information about classic, and it's supposed to be about the 1.0
  5. I've already played a bunch of classical servers and most of them didn't lasted long because of 2 major problems: - Too much donation, or certain thing that just messed up the game - Problems with the inauguration of the server. Such as too much lag, or bugs. The problems with the inauguration made that a lot of people quit the game in the beginning or didn't even come to join the server. And the problem with the donation made that the people who stayed left after, because of unbalanced donations. So as victor said, I think is good to be prepared when the server starts, rather than having a lot of problems and the server failing because of it. I have been waiting for a year already, a couple more weeks wouldn't make much difference.
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    Bonus para Jogadores / Player Bonuses

    Player Name: XNecro Nationality: Brazilian Have you played L2 Warpgate before: YesTell us a bit about your Gameplay Style: 80% PvE, 20% PVp