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    Also, honestly on every bloody goddamn server i played at, ALL epic bosses spawn times were different. And none of them matched the official servers epics boss spwans. Even normal raids didnt match official server. Who on earth would wait 48 hours of random? Hell no! And so i played on all of these servers back in interlude, and we still didnt call them custom servers, just coz they had different epic timers. We were happy to only camp 4 hours at AQ lol ^^

    Hell yeah, lets show the exact time of spawning! More ppl will go there and no1 will have to camp. More ppl, more pvp etc, less time wasted for sitting there doing nothing (been there, done that... ) Actually on the world map, it shows if regular raid bosses are alive or not at the moment, idk if it works for epics too.

    Yeah, that can be good to increase mob spawn numbers in locations in certain areas. But then after lvl50-60 it is going to get easier its not 1.5 anymore where there is a Dragon Valley, and an Antharas Lair, and its kinda hard to hide in there. And it also kinda hard to solo. Tho it is safer, becoz only CPs go there and CPs dont waste time for PKing only if u go close. And 1-2 characters wont go deep in DV without active supports, its just hard. They did it only once in the 1.5 server where i played. Other than that it was peaceful, and i could solo there. Also there was a Forbidden gateway but too easy to approach becoz there is a GK port there in the midle. Actually making more teleport locations favors the PKers. Coz they can travel around easier. Obviously: if u are 2-3 guys u wanna go hunt, you go to the same direction. And if u have to run u run a lot to 1 direction. Manwhile 3 other locations farm peacefully. You kill guys in first spot and go to second. The last 2 still farms peacefully and u already spent 30mins. etc... But if u have GK ports u just port there, run a little, get a few kills, 3minutes later u are in the 2nd zone. In 2.1 there ar emore options available: - The enterity of Tower of Insolence! - Blazing Swamp for outsiders - Catacombs/necros coming back only for high lvls 60/70s, and i think 4 of them. Those tend to be harder to gank with archers/wizards, they wont solo gank u in there only with party. - Antharas Lair is still a thing (tho for farming TOI is preferred) - Im not sure but probably there is going to be Giants Cave too - by the time Warpgate launches Goddard update will be out, i think by the time the first ppl hit 70, we will have ketra/varka ready as well Plenty of locations to farm/spread out the ppl, plenty of locations to hide, Forbidden Gateway still exists, up to lvl70, devastated castle or whatever they call it, also up to 70 possibly. They just can not PK everywhere at the same time. But its not rly about convincing some1 or not. And about that adding more spawn locations for mobs and reworking XP table or helping lowbies/solo players, if i was a GM/Dev i would do it without announcing it. Because if u announce it, ppl will cry that its now custom server which is bullshit, you added a few more mobs into a dead empty spot, who cares, especially for low lvls, no1 would even notice it, except for those 5-10 guys who need to hide from assholes trying to PK them. And they wouldnt tell obviously Or they wouldnt even recognise that its not retail like. But i dont have good experience with reworking xp and such, and i think i would solve the low level abusing problem through negotiation/punishments and such. Id just initiate conversations with leaders of big clans, talk to them about this issue. And for those ppl that just login to make a clan to PK/abuse low lvls, id abuse them as a GM As they are trying to chase lowbies, put on them all debuffs possible, cancel all of their buffs, and maybe spawn some strong agressive mob and watch them being owned instead of the low lvls. There are always those few cancerous players, its not a big loss for the server if they are banned/leave/jailed. These should sort out the low level protection issue. Btw there are HUUUUUGE, INSANELY HUGE empty spots. Just look at between farming spots, like walk out of execution grounds, towards giran, there is little to no life, never ever seen a player there, i just walked thru there to see what spawns there. The other where you walk out of gludio, there used to be monsters in like C4, between gludio and that ruins of despair (?) and now there is nothing, just maybe the 1/2 HP lizardmens the other way around. So there are opportinities to implement mobs to certain areas. And about walking around/looking for new areas to farm, when u grow out of one zone, is hard And i spent a lot of time running around in the world, every few lvls, trying where is the best for me. But these zones that have like slightly pumped up spawn zones, and more mobs, wont be similar to top farming zones surely

    1. Actually u cant save the server. Even if u want, no matter what u do, you cant save the server. Ppl who "burnout" at lvl50 trying to make 51 and it takes too much time, are just weak mentally. L2 is not the game for weak ppl who give up. These kinda guys will leave no matter what, if not at lvl50 then at lvl65 with rebalancing XP requirements. I had a guy, who was lvl62+ on a new server in 1.5, doing a mage it was all fun and 1 day i logged in, and his char (on friendlist) was lvl40. I heard that he broke his demon staff to like +6 or +7 and he quit. Im just utterly disappointed, but these ppl are weak. 2. It is highly possible to XP solo with a warlord with SE buffs. Absolutely. Ppl are retarded and will PK you of course for no reason at all, and that will make ppl leave but honestly there is nohing you can do about it. Thats why i didnt start warlord but BH, becoz with BH i hit 1 mob at a time with blunt, and i dont need to do trains -> smaller area needed for me, less mobs -> more hidden -> i can consider places to grind where you would not want to. I also got PKed sometimes, but not that often. It is a pain in the ass, and i hate it also, but there is nothing i can do about it. If i was supreme and i saw any1 really abusing the PK system i would ban the individual person and make it like 100$ to buyback the character. And 1000$ next time. But he wont do the becoz ppl are gona be crying that PK is part of the game, and dont be carebare and dont cry on forum and sh1t. So pretty much solo players are destined to lose motivation, destined to get PKed, and the server is destined to die out slowly. Unless it finds a very hardcore group of ppl just like on L2 Dawn where the main clans mostly stayed there for 2 years. And left only when server closed down. If that doesnt happen ppl will leave. And i think they will, becoz shortly after this one, L2 Dex will open a server. And ppl will go there if thats any good. Chronicle numbers might win the battle here if Warp starts in 2.1 i would personally not leave for a crappy 1.5 l2 dex... I think i said everthing pretty much. I understand what u mean by this XP rebalancing stuff, but it might be better to leave it as it is now, it is hard but groups get ahead. And that means that group get the hell out of those areas. Like CPs advance faster and they leave the entrance of dragon valley, they go in, so they wont kill casuals (becoz anytime u go "close" to a CP you will die). So they will only kill casuals if they PK out of boredom or whatever. But thats a more rare case. Than CPs will advance to even higher levels and go inside antharas lair, then almost the entire dragon valley will be "free" +there are plenty of other places, you just need to hide. Its not good but agian: it wont change, ppl wont do anythign different, ppl will puerposedly ruin others games, and Supreme wont do anything about PKers, i can almost bet my entire bank account balance on this. Ive never ever seen 1 GM that would stand up against shitheads PKing lowlevel guys. Or implementing that newbie protection buff for higher levels, so you cant be killed by some1 10lvls lower than you. That would help. But he wont do it, becoz its custom then and those who want to ruin others life, will oppose this decision saying that "oh its custom server, and i want retail server blablabla". Than another solution would be to join a big clan, 1 of the top clans, and then u wont get PKed, but thats also not true becoz 1. They wont recruit you, coz they only take CPs (ye i know its dumb, but whatever...its true nevertheless) 2. If they recruit you, then you wont get PKed but they have 9999999clans with active wars so you wont have a peace of mind anyways. They just cant accept that there are peaceful players, who are not belligerent and dont wanna fihgt all the time. Or some never want to fight and thats ok. They play on the markets or craft or whatever. Assholes will never accept those ppl and will ruin their lives/PK them etc...and if they complain about it on forum, then they wil humiliate them as well like "stop crying" or my favourite: "aceptwar" sh1t just by writing this i already dont wanna play L2

    So what? Tyrant already has rush tho at lvl76 only. But he can shoot until then from distance and that skill can crit (BIIIIIG BIG CRIT), and runs fast as well. Destro has demolition impact, doesnt run fast, but has a 5 sec invincibility skill, which then heals himself like 30% after that 5 sec. Gladis have range stun attack (and stun atk chance is big on classic) + they can run fast with 1 skill they have + heavy armor + etc Warlords have agro and also that ranged polearm stun atk that also causes dmg. Daggers have Hide and dash, and shadowstep and whatnot + they are fast running. So these classes are already OP as hell, however dorfs? Have nothing, run slowly, dont have magic resist skill, just physical resist, and not as much as tanks, just like gladis, have no ranged stun/agro anything at all, and no gap closing skill. So the class is pretty much a meatshield in PVP unless it can get close. For me it seems unfair... Other than dorfs, only SWS/BD have such issues, but they have at least dances/songs and agression. I dont know and honestly it doesnt really matter, becoz most ppl will not play BH, just kill those few who they meet on the road and forget about them entirely. Most players will play mage/archer or at least some OP classes and they dont wanna see spoilers being of any use, so they will naturally say no to any change, even if they have no real arguments. (Like they cant possibly have one) So its like being at a crappy workplace, nothing is ever going to change for the better, the only solution is to leave. In this case ill not play a spoiler, even tho i kinda like it in PVE, i dont wanna suffer in PVP/Oly, so instead ill do SK. Or at least now i think SK is the way to go, but we have plenty of time to test it. Then with these new +400crit rate runes, i might as well make a solo Overlord and own mobs with weapon And it will work

    Classes that cant pvp properly, needs skill to be added. Melee classes that are not pvp oriented should have a gap closing skill like rush, demolition impact, hide, shadowstep etc... Personally i would add a hide to bounty hunters without a moment hesitation. (Bounty Hunter ~ Treasure Hunter right?) But perhaps rush seems more logical if u put them in the class of warriors (destroyers, tyrants, gladiators thay all have something, why BHs dont?) And this BH class is just 1 example, that i was crippled with in 1.5 Lets look at other game Dota 2. You can have melee heroes, but all players can make money in game, and if they make 2250 gold or smth like that they can buy the item called "Blink Dagger". And if u click that item, you teleport lets say 1300 units (not sure of the exact number) into that direction where u click or exactly that point on the screen where u clicked if that is less than 1300 units away from you. Which means all classes have a chance of closing the gap, so sooner or later they can do something, even if during the early levels they are just owned by ranged classes. This is balancing the game. Also rangeds are more squishy (true for L2 also), but in Dota 2 they can buy other items, that make them more evasive/survivable etc... In L2 its bad, becoz u start a dwarf fighter, u are not able to close the distance and u wont ever ever be able to jump next to that fkin mage shooting at you. You are destined to suffer till the end of times... and u cant do sh1t about it, other than grouping up or atking from unseen/unexpected directions. So in short, i would want to implement changes but i dont think any of yours would be good. - Id not decrease bow/spell range - Id not increase autoattack range/skill range for melees. - Moving speed increase would make some sense but its not the solution. We already have the answers in L2 for melee vs ranged. There are skills developed by NCSoft added to melees to overcome distance. Just need to add them to classes that have nothing. (rush, demolition impact, hide, shadowstep) If we were to add some of these on melees classes that dont already have at least 1 ranged spell to do something. So for example Shillien Knight is fine becoz it has a spell at lvl58 that can anchor and make damage from distance (tho not so long distance). And cubics, and freezing strike, and agro, and mass agro. So probly SK doesnt need a rush. But a BH surely does. It has nothing at all when it comes to range. It a rly good character, i liked playing it on L2 Red but its way too 1 sided (farmer)

    With this idea you basically make it easier for casual players to reach lvl50 - 70 and harder to reach 70-75. I dont get the point... reach high 60s you still wont have much of a say in the server PvPs. Gear will own you... the big clans will have perfectly SAd weapons... talismans of baium and such over time of course, not immediately. As a potential solo player (unknow how many friends of mine would come here), i want to be able to reach 60s as well as 70s as well as level 80 at some point. Your suggestion could be useful but... it doesnt take away the grind, it just procrastinates it It wouldnt work here but my personal way is to do the hard work first and then have a rest after the hard work("weekend")

    Actually i dont think it needs changing. What you say is true early game, with laaaaarge open fields and then archers can own you - true. But once u get into cruma tower they are restricted. Antharas Lair = just try to run away enjoy being gangraped by mobs (and dropping ur life) ToI also similar thing. Other than that most classes have at least something to do vs rangeds: aggression on tanks, warlord has ranged stun atk, even gladi has ranged stun atk, daggers have hide, tyrant has rush, destro has demolition impact or w/e its called. Its just the bounty hunter/warsmith that have nothing (NEEDS CHANGING) and BD/SWS but they are supports anyways. The way aggression works for example is it should force the enemy to run towards you for 2 seconds, which is great anyways. And should even cancel spellcasting. The biggest problem with archers is they dont come alone. Or mages, they also dont come alone. They come like gypsies u know ^^ You hit one, it brings the entire family When i was farming with my friends, small party, 2-3 active ppl, even some boxes, we didnt die becoz of range, we died becoz they came with 7 active, fullbuff, hihger lvl, higher gear, prepared and start with stunshot. Before we even see they are coming coz we are in the middle of a conversation about something totally different lol... What i would discourage is PK/this abuse of power from big clans.
  9. Savior's Dualbox Preferences

    You should leave 1 main and 1 box surely, and if u add to it later as donation, than for me its ok, but you really should keep that 1 free box free. So poor ppl dont have to pay for it. And those who can afford more, will have the chance as the population decreases they can box 1 more later.
  10. How to survive

    1 thing to mention tho, when i started on that server at grand opening, i was unemployed and found job later, after like 1 month into server. So i was able to be active. You want ppl to play spoilers actively, but they dont have time I was able to get filthy rich quickly, becoz i was greedy, didnt rly help my "clan" before contributing to clan hall (probably mistake on my part), and i was the first in all spoiling. Karmian gloves fabric HUGE advantage, i was the first, then later plated leather gaiters, then when i got strong enough then pl armor parts (from dragon bearer groups ... soloing it was fun lol) And i played like 10-12 hours a day, most ppl wont have that time. In order for ppl to pick a Bounty Hunter (or really any class) to play as main it needs to be useful. For example spoilers are awesome - in close combat. It has a lot of HP, heavy armor, no magic resist skill tho, but the hammer crush and the buff-removing stun also, and these are a lot of dmg and stun. IF the spoiler can get close it will own mages/archers. But it cant EVER EVER EVER get close for gods sake... or just rarely based on some smart play. If the spoiler doesnt have a rush/demolition impact or whatever its called or godforbid: Hide It will be useless. When i think of a character i want to play something that is useful, meaning this: - can farm solo if needed - can be useful for groups possibly - can do SOMETHING of use in PVP - can do at least something in olympiad Bounty Hunter does absolutely nothing in open field pvp. It can win in cruma tower, it can win later in AL where u cant run away without agroing 99999999 mobs on you, and maybe in TOI also. But still its slow. But in reality mages that are assholes will PK you in 5 shots, just before you reach up to them. If they are slightly higher lvl than u and equal geared. If that doesnt change, it will be just a frustrating thing to play BH. Especially when u realize that all ur money is worth not much, becoz higher gear is crafted and not bought on market. Same goes for Prophet. Id love to play a damn prophet main... but it cant farm alone. Now it cant do anything on oly either coz no mana burn, no erase, no nothing. Ffs... Id play paladin, or elf knight, or darkelf knight. Maybe i will play SK becoz thats reasonable at least, but the other 2: pala and TK are just bad. And i dont like dark avenger... Id play warlock, becoz i like that but honestly... a summoner that cant summon friend... god please. And than we have summon in goddard patch, probably months fater opening, we still dont have any party buffs, meaning parties dont care bout me (ok, im a solo guy mostly anyways + Kai the cat is strong, so i can solo strong mobs with 1 boxed support. but still its betterif its useful for something in party) I wouldnt mind playing main BD/SWS if it was able to do anything... but it cant. It doesnt even have heavy armor mastery post lvl40... like cmon every class has armor mastery after 40 as well... they only have magic resist. There is 1 tiny use if agro cancels spellcasting (as it should), then its somewhat useful. But still, not 1 skill for solo farming, weak dmg, decreasing pdef for fighting mobs... Anyways if u add just 1 skill to bounty hunter ( eg.: rush) and buff the one that heals you when u get attacked slightly at least, then i will play BH probably. Otherwise i dont think id play it again.
  11. Savior's Dualbox Preferences

    That is true, altho i might vote for this 1 main 1 box + 1 premium anyways for server sustainability.
  12. How to survive

    Idk man... on 1 hand i like what u say and i aggree with that but in a lot of cases i disaggree. (Numbers not in order you wrote, but just how i think them out ) 1. CPs/groups have advantage over casuals: yes and the problem is they abuse it and they even flame! If i was GM for me its instaban, wouldnt care if its biggest clan or what: kill 20 lvls lower and flame = 1 week ban; enjoy shithead. I mean who wants to play with ppl like that. Or you can try something like newbie PK protection extended to not only low lvls but any1. Lets say you had that buff, than you couldnt be PKed by some1 15lvls higher than you. And all couldtake that buff, becoz lets say you are 45lvl, but some 76lvl archers are killing you in ivory crater. Not with this buff, they cant anymore. So basically just extend the same buff that newbies can claim from the Gatekeeper anyways. 2. Shops dont disconect after a server restart, this is not L2 interlude anymore. Welcome to classic. 3. I wouldnt delete the crafter and spoilers from the game. I was main spoiler, i liked it, it was kinda awful in PvP but something for something. Lot of money for not afk farming but active grinding all day long. Its not at all an afk process but i farmed alone so maybe thats why. Btw the NPC creating materials at a fixed low fee already exists: it is called Blacksmith (tho it cant make B grade) 4. Gatekeepers are limited: aggreed, wouldnt say a word for a few more TP locations 5. Class quests: aggreed, personally i never do them just donate or whatever... 6. Raid boss advantage for groups: well if you make a 3x drop rate for monsters, and a 1x for bosses, than the advantage is not so big. The really big problem for servers is that politics are fked up. Like L2 Red we had 3 of the biggest clans ally together and just beat every1. I mean there wasnt any not even potential enemy for them whatsoever. They walked into Core room and killed Core. No1 came there to contest. No1 even thought about it happening. Very few ppl even know other than themselves that they are killing it. That was the time that we kinda realised that L2 Red was over. So maybe Supreme should talk to clan/ally leaders and have a say in politics. SUPREME PLS READ THIS: YOU SHOULD CONSIDER HAVING A WORD WITH CLAN/ALLY LEADERS AND TRY TO CONVINCE THEM TO MAKE SUPER OP ALLIANCES AND SUCH. FOR EXAMPLE IF YOU SEE 3 OF BIGGEST CLANS ALLYING, YOU SHOULD TRY ASK THEM TO SPLIT UP AT LEAST 1-2 AND FIND SOME MORE SMALLER CLANS ON THE 1CLAN SIDE. caps off... btw: increase alliance size from maximum 3 to 4-5. That can help also. 7.I think that the best advice that is possible to do is the party XP bonus rework. Give little to no bonus to big parties and give much higher bonus for parties 2-5 members. I dont know what the actual numbers are for bonus but i think leave solo players as they are (i mean players without party at all), and give a really decent bonus for parties with 2-5 members. Like this: 2members = 40% 3 members = 50% 4 members = 60% 5 members = 70% 6 =40% 7 = 35% 8 = 30% 9 = 25% Just as example.

    Whatever rates i will play. Sooner or later i will reach top gear No problem. I say 3x rates are good. Even 2. Im not in any rush. L2 Dawn peaked, and still stayed alive for 2 years. Even tho it was a slow growth server (ppl were not professional 24/7 farmers mostly) New forum backgr looks good btw, time to bring on the pre-alpha
  14. [DECIDED] Savior's Server Rates

    Guys, all x5 is way too high. x5 spoil/drop is brutal. x2 spoil/drop would be just fine. But 3x XP, its low imo. On higher levels surely. So x5 XP , x2-3drop, x2 spoil, adena x3-5.
  15. Savior's Dualbox Preferences

    That option but only if you can get the 2nd box sustainably by voting also, not only by donation. Like ashenvale is doing it. Meaning u vote 1 time and u can get the dualbox perk for like 3 days with 1 vote or so. Not sure about exact numbers.