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  1. aka

    lol, Hi.

    eLive still alive? First thing that comes to my mind after seeing your name is an exploit
  2. Just kidding I wonder if anybody is still checking this place
  3. aka

    What Game You Play Beside Lineage

    Which one is this? I don't recall seeing this game before. paragon
  4. aka

    Thanks for the Gift Ugnegesys

    stop spreading this! i've just turned my antivirus back on
  5. aka


    sure let's have aio too
  6. aka


  7. aka


    Ah thats because society is fucked up. Now i see what you were talking about. For some facebook is still part of life, not a tool. Following fashion is very important if you live your 2nd life on there. Half of people who changed their photos didn't even know why, half of people tweeting #PrayForParis was thinking about a chick! Don't take facebook too serious . The problem are other media! What they saying doesn't match with what we see. And they show so little that makes us think it's not our problem. Now leave France alone please. They are victims of their own mistakes. Lol these France and World "events"
  8. aka


    whose? stay blind than I'm asking in the name of WHAT?
  9. aka

    My thoughts about new L2 Classic Server

    list of items available in Classic 1.0 Skills Here is a quote i found interesting Adding any grade items to donation list will probably put off many potential "newcomers". Just a thought
  10. aka

    Dual Box on Classic

    if we are talking about server oppened 24th then you don't need premium acc to dualbox
  11. aka

    Happy Birthday!