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  1. Info for server

    I gave up. Supreme have maybe no motivation for open a old Server. Was good time. Bye
  2. Info for server

    Interface yeah. But Skills? Do not broken the clean c6 Client to much with custom. Anyway do it how you want. Just Open it soon as possible!!
  3. Enchant ( old good times )

    Part I Part II Part III *Very Impresive
  4. Info for server

    Hi Supreme. Please let us know. Your server will come back or not? We want the interlude back! And in the future you can Open a Classic Server. We cant wait 2 years until you fixed the classic!!! Do something or leave your Project.
  5. Davai Interlude Back xD

    Yes!!! Interlude best 4 ever. Short and Funny.
  6. Lineage2World - Videos

    Supreme bring it back!!! You are the last one who can do it!!!! I donate for you I Promise you BEST L2 TIMES <3
  7. Hallo?

    Servus Jungs! Lohnt es sich hier wieder Zeit zu investieren?? Ich kenn dieses Classic client garnicht, wie ist das so?? was gibts da für Items/Gear? custom ?
  8. L2 Warpgate presents Achievements Feature

    best work I see on Interlude privat server  (y)