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  1. Let's do the math

  2. TheFallen

    im old fag and dont have skype
  3. TheFallen

    lol dempa u dont know english pretty well ahahhhahaha))))
  4. Paris....

    ah, and dont forget "Légion étrangère" who killing ppl in Afghanistan Ukrain Syria Iraq and few other countrys.... and killing more then 120ppl per day, no1 pray for this ppl too.....
  5. Paris....

    is so strange..... when muslim terrorists captured "Nord Ost" in Moscow, and 174 pll were killed, all europe skreamed - stop war in Chechnya, is not terrorists etc, and no1 prayed for this 174 pll.....
  6. My thoughts about new L2 Classic Server

    supremski change fcking language style in forum to english/spanish.......
  7. A new Classic world, spring 2016

    when OBT??? november has come!
  8. Bonus para Jogadores / Player Bonuses

    Player Name: eLive Nationality: i from Mother Russia Have you played L2 Warpgate before: im more zadrot then anybody else Tell us a bit about your Gameplay Style: im BAGAUZAH Like this
  9. Dual Box on Classic

    lol 1 window ahahahahah ahahahahahaahh u serious? ahahahahah....... with online 300 ppl u will never take buff in town!!! if here will be 2 - 4k++++ it's ok!!!
  10. A new Classic world, spring 2016

    again vote games protection?))) or nything better?)