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  1. Fixed issue while removing a clan from clan entry when deletion happens Implemented Classic Zaken's 2.1 Exp Sp individual Level Penalties Removed overhit from effect param, in several Skills where it not used Added summon unexistent names checks Introduced i_reset_reuse_delay which remove the reuse delay of skill ids Fixed MaxMpFinalizer for npc/summon Reworked MaxHpFinalizer for npc/summon Fixed accuracy/evasion finalizer for npc Major Rework at Npc's Dropslist view: Better structure Less resources usage Server's Rate applied Player's Level penalties and Bonuses applied Tooltips available (such as Item's ALT click on chat) Updated Giran Castle Town spawns and buylists Classic Zaken's 2.1 - Skill's Parser rework and updated Skills: Dual Weapon Defense Indestructible Sound Quick Spear Throwing Spear Spear Howl Shield of Sacrifice Blood of Sacrifice Chain Strike Mount Golden Maned lion Throw Dagger in Wrist Evasion Death Sting Eva’s Protection Implemented Mount Golden Maned Lion Transformation Transformation itself Respective Skill Reworked Fishing System: Better Exp / Sp formula Proper Baits and Rods Updated Initial Equipments Updated Hennas (Dyes) Stats Implemented Moon Knight's quest
  2. uPlay


    I actually (didnt saw the code yet on that) that the sound issue could be related with a missing packet update. Will see eventually, adding this report to my bugs list.

    They are not green: All Skills including transformations What's green is Skill's Parser If you have installed L2 Warpgate's clients from uPlay you will have all 100% files. Here some Official info about Daggers: https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/566669/ https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/653417/ Your video is from 2011 btw not from Official current files (since they are new ones and using new formulas)

    Play via uPlay® at our Pre Alpha: https://www.lineage2warpgate.com/index.php?page=downloads

    The mid rate Server is still on the table. At the moment the Server's implementation is being developed as we speak. The first Server Warpgate will release with Zaken (Antharas) Chronicle is low rate one.
  7. Estimated Online?

    I wonder from where you got such conclusion... No. L2 Warpgate works as independent. Thus being Warpgate ONLY
  8. Count to 2018 before 2018!

  9. Count to 2018 before 2018!

  10. Count to 2018 before 2018!

  11. Davai Interlude Back xD

    Hey @DeadlyByDesign, long time no see... What you think about (future as soon) one more Server - Classic Erica again but with our old features (custom zones, skins etc just as we had before) ?
  12. Several Reworks have been made: Community Board based HTMLs max size Shutdown System New Drops System
  13. Implemented Classic Zaken's 2.1 - Clan Level Up Data: Based on https://l2central.info/classic/Клан_-_уровень_клана
  14. Implemented Classic Zaken's 2.1 - Ensoul Options Parser: Implemented Ensoul feature Implemented Classic Zaken's 2.1 - Clan Rewards Classic Zaken's 2.1 - Skill's Parser rework: Updated Clan Unity
  15. Count to 2018 before 2018!