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  1. Count to 2019 before 2019!

    381 bleat')))
  2. gg

    Hey. @Supreme in next month i will re-open Interlude x25. And if there is a good online like before, then in future I think to open a complex: Classic Interlude + Interlude with additions.... And in future rly want try Classic chronicle.
  3. gg

    hi ho ppls)
  4. gg

    Куда делся старый топик gg который обязательно здесь должен быть?
  5. Набор в клан OnTarget

    jew, i kill u.
  6. Набор в клан OnTarget

    кто ты чудовище?
  7. gg

    hi russkie flooders
  8. gg

    sps za adena jew
  9. gg

    hey pipkas it's russian spam topic! davai flood na russkies language
  10. What Game You Play Beside Lineage

    World of tanks and real life  
  11. gg

    baby this is my flood topic! this topic was on old forum lineage2world since C1 -> must be here to!
  12. gg

    this topic must be
  13. Songs you like