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  1. C3 or Interlude?

    Most of ppl dont have time for rates x1. Unless you wana play with 100 players max. I am playing since 2004. Most successful servers with long live was with low/mid rate.
  2. C3 or Interlude?

    I would play on a good C3 or classic server. Just not with x1 rates
  3. C3 or Interlude?

    Which Chronicle was the best between of these 2? Where you had the most fun?
  4. Count to 2019 before 2019!

    429 anyone alive?
  5. Forum - Server

    Any news about server?
  6. Forum - Server

    Not dead? How many new posts per week? 3-4?
  7. Forum - Server

    Forum is dead, server is not ready. I am going to go back to World of Warcraft if anyone wana join.
  8. Count to 2019 before 2019!

    176 .i.
  9. Count to 2019 before 2019!

    174 Supremski you still own me for counting 2017 and server is not ready all that time.
  10. Count to 2019 before 2019!

    109 Supreme you still own me for counting 2017. Any news?
  11. Savior's Dualbox Preferences

    I am here too !!! Hello
  12. Poor mages

    Maybe its visual stuck? It changes also your m.atk?
  13. I feel liike this is the real beta

    You are really brain damaged if you think you will find many ppl playing on x1 server. its not funny playing 1 month to become lvl 40 (playing normal times not like no lifer)
  14. items drop

    20% is also too much. Btw I did drop adena when I died. That's not right
  15. server will go up in 25 min. check main page