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  1. Count to 2019 before 2019!

    176 .i.
  2. Count to 2019 before 2019!

    174 Supremski you still own me for counting 2017 and server is not ready all that time.
  3. Count to 2019 before 2019!

    109 Supreme you still own me for counting 2017. Any news?
  4. Savior's Dualbox Preferences

    I am here too !!! Hello
  5. Poor mages

    Maybe its visual stuck? It changes also your m.atk?
  6. I feel liike this is the real beta

    You are really brain damaged if you think you will find many ppl playing on x1 server. its not funny playing 1 month to become lvl 40 (playing normal times not like no lifer)
  7. items drop

    20% is also too much. Btw I did drop adena when I died. That's not right
  8. server will go up in 25 min. check main page

    JUNGLE will be there
  10. JUNGLE clan will be there. We are sure DDos attacks will be there too. But we don't care. We will have our fun and play
  11. If you are interested we are an international clan and we would like to have an active WL. You can post at our Clan forum here I will message you our TS. Btw my name is George
  12. RIP WARPGATE (bb server)

    Dont be stupid and dont post things you have no idea about. 15 days ago it was a huge DDos attack to major companies like Facebook and others on one part of Amerika. Even they didnt manage to control it and their site went down for hours. pfft kids posting random from google
  13. RIP WARPGATE (bb server)

    Server did never wipe on the past. It was just a bad start. Still 95%+ of players waiting for server to go up. only carebears and crying babies will not. Either way they would leave soon even if server was up. So stop QQ
  14. Clan Bonuses / Bonus para Clans

    Clan Name: JUNGLE Leader: MONKey Members: 10+ Nationality: International Recruitment: Open