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    hahhaha burda buldum adamımı
  2. malbora

    "For Sanya"

  3. Harlem u are the brainless here... if i dont i have gear this mean not i have no buff , no jewel etc...lmao... Second i have always gear on nothing to be off ... gear on me cos i am bishop... and u say i am paper ... go learn play bishop and get your brain with it..  And this is my last warning when u call bblblbl on my or other ppl family... like u said yesterday ( i send your sisters picture) i will blowjob to your mouth and that will never open again stfu now...
  4. i see just QQ here... First if u want to use master ring or clan slave ring u can make it... it is craftable if u dont want it u can go donate sheen is rich even change class 2 time so he can donate 2 master ring too... and other thing that u talk about change clan leader it is not only us who use it.. TF use, U use, Anu use... So stfu and play normal game... u are also over numbered of us and still qq even with ally... if u dont know how to play a team go pratice it... dont make blblblbl here....
  5. malbora

    1st Gay Marriage in Server

    Nothing to Say lol ... _______________________   Using Vasaline makes it Easier For You!!! Hahahaha
  6. malbora

    once upon a time there was a tvt...

    What a mistake sry guys for u played unfair...
  7. malbora

    About D3MPA leaving Anonymous

    +1 to all XD
  8. malbora


    Fck how i forget to ss the hero chat ....
  9. malbora

    real suggestion

    i like eat popcorn while watch idiotism hahahahaha this maked my day
  10. malbora

    chat box?

    hahahaha someone talk about himself on forum topic ... Nice to see you MiniNOOB