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  1. Spartan


    +1...leave the God create regards
  2. Spartan

    Savior's Dualbox Preferences

    1 main + 1 free box + 1 premium box (Buy as donation or vote coins) my opinion.... destro + pp or wc + bd or sws = izi pve/pvp regards
  3. hi all i was reading a topic about the rates of server and i just realised that will be onother mid rate server after saviors opening ???? i am right or ????? I would like to answer the staff team Regards
  4. Spartan

    How to survive

    totally right ....i hope everything you say everything you do and will do to be permanent and not casual best regards
  5. Spartan

    Guide for newbies?

    Since 2002 i see the same stupid answer in all L2 forum..... Man the best class is the class that you love to play, the class in which you can pawn all, the class you wont be bored to continue playing... its all about the lvl of experience you have of the class you are going to play.... so take the class you really want, take a deep breath and play farm areas and lvl locations are same thing as class....again its all about experience ... but i will give soon a newbie guide just for curiosity....a first view of classes in classic is here ----> Classes In L2 Classic gl and good start...
  6. Spartan

    new players?

    gl to your project....maybe the most decent around until now...w8ting to join with my cp ++++1 from me... and Hi fokes