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  1. Pilot

    Savior's Dualbox Preferences

    Completely right sir. It's not abandoned, on the contrary it's been thought and discussed by our team and today or tomorrow the major announcement probably so far will be done. Rates decision, donation basis decisions, events to come also. It will kind of be a huge bump in once, coming in a few days. That will be out and known, alpha ajusted to get people there having fun, helping, AND maybe rewarded depending on it.
  2. Pilot

    Experimentarium discussion thread

    FinalFen we have a lot of info already on questions as such. A topic will be made (in this section probably) containing A LOT of that info.
  3. Pilot

    Estimated Online?

    Autumn! Thanks for your pacience.
  4. Oi, eu sou português! Qualquer assunto que a comunidade Portuguesa ou Brasileira queira ajuda especifica por falar mal Inglês faço o que puder aqui! Falou =]
  5. Pilot

    How to survive

    We will cater to newcomers to the game or to the grind, trust us. Some events will be aimed at those people. But we won't modify our legit files. If we did we would be just another basic private. Like .club is with java changes.
  6. Pilot


    We won't change or customize anything for those who suggest it. We're going full original Retail 2.1 files. And the thing i notice is many who want things tweaked don't know 2.0 or 2.1 for being in servers that are stuck in, most cases, 1.5. The chronicle itself fixes most of the things you guys, with reason, complain of. Go read the patch notes! Melee hard hitter parties are the best pve up there with nukers, daggers are playable (not yet to a point where you can compete in PVE with other groups, but for small parties are great, small pvp's, destroy nukers), tanks are needed in any party (Hinty hinty: Endgame 2.1 GC and DI are the best spots. And SK is the best tank for there. So consider rolling up those cubics . Summoners are "BEASTS", PVE solo like no other class, fits with small melee groups (WL and PS), and ES insane AoE nuke. The chronicle is great trust me i've played Retail since 1.5. You'll see soon.
  7. Pilot


    Sayfer you have to speak English in the forums. If we all speak our mother language we're gonna have to learn Russian etc. Me and Supreme speak Portuguese so we can help you at Discord if you really don't speak a word of English. But you can i'm sure, or use Google Translator
  8. Pilot

    [DECIDED] Savior's Server Rates

    No worries, we really believe our crafted events will tweak things in the better path. We will be 24/7 on forums and ig when we go live =]
  9. Pilot


    Damn FinalFen, you're WarpGate's "DiegoVargas", mathematics of L2 player (for those who knew old, old days of retail). I read this thread before being in the project. Great post, keep this kind of stuff up! =] The bad news here is there will be no changes at all. You're all going to play a full 2.1 server. With different rates. No mob spawn increases (.club did it), nor PK system etc. Now for the good news. This is 2.1, not 1.5 like .club. Many imba things are fixed in the chronicle: PK system will make people not do it like before. A lot less. Many new areas, plenty of mobs, and people will fight fair for them, not getting PK'd by a nuker 10lvls above who is friend's with the ones that want your spot. As someone who played 1.5, 2.0 and 2.1 believe me the changes are overwhelming. Things people disliked like most of the ones you mention are now balanced. More good news, rates are rates but you're having a team 24/7 watching and reading things people dislike. We plan on having a lot of events and amongst them will be some mostly dedicated for players not, or in small groups, will get XP, buffs, items, many gifts . And other events to cater for constant parties, mainly 9x9 team events, prizes for 1st spot Can't mess with the rate or any changes to our LEGIT files. But events etc. will happen, no man left behind!
  10. Precise! We're working on everything regarding the forum, the main goal is to make it all simpler yet accommodating all needs. As for the homepage you might be in for a treat ,)