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  1. New Classic 2.0 Configs Sugestion

    Yo man i dont care about that you people are the cancers you just join a lowrate with a big clan the gms let you bot cause you bring popularity on server then you people do some boss fights and when you re fully geared or the otherside will rage quit and end the server cause none will play with a monopoly on the game,yo im the real cancer im that guy on FG pumping your shit when you tryna exp,i dont care about makin baiums ant queens thats a fakin cheat for the game you got no skills you only one f1 instead i play until 60-65 then i only pvp,you ever fought clan vs clan for just a spot?nah i dont think so you only do is baium fights for one month and when a side Swallows all the sperm they rage quit and that's the end of a game.boy you and your boys can't understand no meaning of l2 you can play on this i cant i find it real funny thats your mirage you ll never see a full Gludio with vendors when you ll see that then you ll understand whats l2
  2. Καύλες!!!

    Akoma pezete?;pppp
  3. New Classic 2.0 Configs Sugestion

    You guys are you fuckin high or stupid?im sick of this shit i have 5 years to play l2 but im checkin for new low rates still i didnt see a original low rate..Its like im in diet and i eat meal everyday and i say its a salad,whats the fuckin point you call a server low rate and classic when you add all those bullshits you gotta be kidding @Supreme if you willing to make a classic just do it proper no dual boxes(except offline shops)a retail c2 no herbs no boosts system like it was years ago or you can just make a c2 with x1000 mode you can call that classic x1000 dont be ridiculous i spent my time just to check the whole schedule of the server and the only thing it was a /facepalm.PLEASE NO MORE CANCER PROJECTS