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  1. New Classic 2.0 Configs Sugestion

    Ok guys... I have played on almost all classic servers... There are some things wich you are not thinking about... NPC buffer => People dont play buffers or sumoners as main class just because they can use DUAL box... There has nothing to do with NPC Buffers... In fact, if u have a NPC buffer, its better for playing support classes... For example, u can buff yourself and your pet... So NPC Buffer is a good thing to attract solo players, even the support ones... I would not say all buffs, but some, lets say a quick sample for fighter / mage / hybrid... Just so you dont need to lvl up a PP just for buffing... Cause thats what happens on every server... DUAL BOX => This is a server destroyer... This is the only reason we have train of bots, no buff classes etc... In my opinion, should not be allowed... DROPS => Full equipment drop should be HIGH... Why ? Because adena makers and sellers benefit when there is no full drop... If u know u can get your C grade weapon after killing 100 Unicorns, you would farm 100 Unicorns, get your weapon and enjoy the game... Even fight for the spot where you can drop it... PvP would be fun, because people would fight for that mob... DONATE COINS => XP/SP boost ( 10% - 20% more , not much ) , Maybe mana potions (with 10 sec cooldown), Cosmetics, Class change quests, Change sex, PK scrolls, Even C grade normal enchants... Not B or A... Donate shop is good for a private server, but as long as it does not become a game changing... Lets say you dont wanna spend time doing class change, you donate and get your class change fast, that will not be a big deal, everybody can still do a class change quest with their free time... With these features server would not be boring, people would be able to lvl up solo and have fun... No need of bots... Make it easy for new players to catch up on every update (Double XP for low level for example)...
  2. Procurando Players para fechar uma pt

    Estou cansado de procurar classic pra jogar... Tá foda... Joguei em todos possíveis, ainda não testei o warpgate mas não acredito que será diferente do que eu já vi nos outros... Server low rate não rola... Tenho trabalho.... Se souberem de algum mid rate por aí me avisem, adoraria jogar com BR... Jogar somente com gringo também é chato...
  3. [DECIDED] Savior's Server Rates

    Ok I voted ALL x5 because thats the only option I had... 5x is the highest rate in your vote question... But the perfect rates would be around 20x or something... There must be a good rate where u can start a new char and be at max level playing solo in about 1 month of playing, no more than 4h/day... Right now, if you have a life, you would have to play around 1 year to get to max level in official and still spend a lot of money with equipment... this is non sense... Mid rate is the perfect rate... Where you can chill, enjoy the game and not become frustrated.... Until 5x u are nothing but a copy from official servers, so why should anyone play here instead of official ? Thats my point...

    Hello guys, just my 2 cents here... We have 3 oficial servers with low rate: Innova EU / Korea / Russian We have 1 private server named classicclub x3 wich has been for a while since start of classic AND is a failure... I played there, online people are becoming less and less... My question is: WHY THE HELL do you guys think 5x will have players ??? I played on every classic server out there, the reason why people leave is because we need to be 24/7 farming non stop ( YES WITH BOT ) to be competitive... So really, do you still think a private server will have more people than official one ? With same rates ??? Official rates are not 1x, they make a lot of events with double xp etc... So yeah, 5x is another failure... I know you are gonna be mad, but thats reality, and I hope you can understand that 5x has no difference from 3x or 1x... I give u the formula to be sucessfull here, right now, easy... Make it 20x, or make it with non linear rates or something... ex> 1-10 = 10x 10-30 = 20x 30-50 = 30x 50-80 = 40x Really think about it, because your server will be empty in 3 - 4 months for sure... 100% if u stay with 5x rates... I've been on every classic server, I know what I am talking about...