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  1. lestn

    Lineage 2 fantasy music

    Hi, made this video for improve my moviemaking skills =D There is not a lot of interesting content, but it can be just nice to watch =D
  2. Hello. I'm sorry. Have 1 problem that not looking ur server. Russian and Eu official servers Lineage 2 have autologin system for this reason there is not a possibility to view replays (.l2r files). Until last update 2.0 Saviors - Zaken all was fine because in some public servers and developers forums there are system folders compatible with 2.0 Saviors and it was ok. I just used official Lineage 2 client and changed system folder. Replays worked good.

    The problem arrive  with last update Classic 2.0 - Saviors Zaken. There are some changes in game client and replays not going on. Was changed  files ui1-9. I tryed to change them for older files. It helps for launching client but not for view replays.

    I've seen u writing about ur develops and works with last update. Just want to ask if exist system folder compatible with Lineage 2 classic Saviors - Zaken client? I need it only for view replays....

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    2. lestn


      There is a problem because when i change user.ini file game client crashes... I need to change it for filming from replay... So I have to wait when u finish works xD Can do some promo video for ur server if u let me to get this system folder.. or join pre alfa...


      Maybee there is a way to change user.ini withous crit errors?

    3. Supreme


      no clue, i dont get any errors

    4. lestn


      I dont get any errors too, but i dont know how I can correctly encript user.ini When i encrypt user.ini with FileEdit it dont works that is problem