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    New Classic 2.0 Configs Sugestion

    First of all selling donation items for adena breaks the economy completly and makes the game pay to win. For example i donate 100 euros and sell all the stuff i donated for about 100kk and i use that adena to buy top gear and over enchant it. How is that not pay to win??? Serioulsy how??? You are just giving donators a massive adena advantage!!! NOT 1 SINGLE ITEM from donation shop should be sellable or tradable!!! NOT A SINGLE ONE!!! Second PK is something you have to consider before doing. You have to consider the risks. And the more you PK the higher the risk should be. PK needs to stay like in the early chronicles. It prevents abuse and griefing. I rather you make karma easier to clear like the early chronicles then having those stupid PK scrolls. PK scroll are for people are pussies. People who like to be able to PK over and over without consequences and with fast losing karma. I have never in my life used a single PK scroll or did a PK quest. Im always proud of my PK number. The old PK-Karma style was perfect in the early chronicles before some stupid guy had the terrible idea of intruducing PK scrolls. The ideal would be 1 white mob per PK. For example if you have 10 PK you need 10 mobs to clear karma. If you have 50 you need 50 and so on. Same for Subclass and puting enchants on Lux or higher grades then C on lux, etc... all those stupid changes to the game completly ruined the game. Thats why they lost like 80% of the players with a million stupid ideas and putting way to much unecessary stuff on the game. All we want is a early Chronicle with some (very few) things from the new chronicles (like the interface for example) but since there is no early chronicle with low rates server we are stuck with Classic but Classic still has stuff that makes no sense. Because Classic was suposed to be the old Lineage 2 Chronicles with a new interface and some new stuff but they are implementing stuff players complained about so that makes no sense at all. The old PK-Karma system was perfect and they ruined it with PK Scrolls. Now they ruined it again in classic by making it harded to lose karma but still implementing scrolls lol.
  2. MpFiVe

    Voting Sites

    The server needs to be advertised on all the voting sites and players should vote everyday from PC and Mobile on all Sites for the Server. If you know more Voting Sites post them here. http://www.top100arena.com/lineage2 http://l2.hopzone.net http://top.l2jbrasil.com http://l2top.co http://l2topzone.com http://www.l2servers.com http://www.topgamesites.net/lineage2 http://www.topservers200.com/lineage2 http://l2network.eu
  3. MpFiVe

    New Classic 2.0 Configs Sugestion

    Free stuff? Where is the fun in that? Its Classic its suposed to be hard. You are suposed to farm solo or in a party for adena and mats to buy or craft instead of getting everything free. You are supposed to buy No Grade and D grade. Thats what ruined Oficial L2 all the free stuff. Classic Chronicles = No Free Stuff, players actually play Support Classes, people play together not everyone solo with boxes behind and it has to be hard.
  4. My clan and Supreme already discussed this and Supreme asked us to post it here on the forum. Our sugestion to make the new Classic 2.0 Server attract both old school players and donators without making it pay to win is: XP/SP/Adena all 5x or all 3x Drop/Spoil both 2x No GM Shop No NPC Buffer (Players need to play Buffers and Support as mains) No Free Teleports No Buff/XP Herbs droping from mobs. No Shadow Weapons and no Common Items. (Buy NG and D grade from shop and C from Luxury) No Subclass (if you want new class make new character). No PK Counter decrease Quest or Scrolls (PK count should be permanent, the more you PK the higher the risk). No Pay to Win Donation (Remove Drop Runes and XP/SP Runes and Death Certificate from current Donation List) Dual Box not allowed (Unless you donate for it but keep it max 1 Dual Box) Only 2 offline shops allowed (Donators can have more up to 7) Dont put B or A grade in Luxury Shop. Limit Luxury Shop to C grade Weapons/Armors Remove Enchants from Luxury Shop and make them Spoilable and Dropable like the old Lineage 2. Nothing from the Donation List can be tradable or sellable to prevent player from donating and then trading the items for Adena.